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10 Amazing Works of Volcano

10 Amazing Works of Volcano – The volcano did not seem to always bring adverse effects to human life. Although the lava coming out of the belly of the Earth that can singe anything passed, but some of these events can make the landscape look beautiful and unique. The work created by the events of the volcano spread across several parts of the world. Not least in Indonesia, which in fact does have a number of active volcanoes. Any work that was created from the result of volcanic eruptions?

1. Sulfur Blue Fire

As a country that has many active volcanoes, Indonesia has a variety of landscapes result of volcanic events, one example of blue flames in in sulfur. Kawah Ijen volcano in East Java, Indonesia stands 2,600 meters high and topped with a large caldera and sulfuric acid lake as deep as 200 meters. When spills lava down the slopes of the interlocked with sulfur gas at high temperature, and then these gases into contact with oxygen in the air, it produces a bright blue flame. Blue flame This gives the illusion that the blue lava down the mountain.


2. Basalt Columns

It may sound crazy that the terrible events of volcanoes can produce regular features like Basalt Columns. This occurs when magma started to cool and contract, and cracks. Cracks started cooling lava flows on the surface and then propagate to the magma to form a pile of plates and poles. Columns itself usually stands perpendicular to the cooling surface.


3. Love Valley

Millions of years ago, volcanic eruptions leaving a thick layer of volcanic ash porous hardened and near Goreme, Turkey. Over time, wind and rain erode the canyon into the network (canyons) and the column, so as to produce sculptures and cone formations such as the chimney and some rocks because they look like human genitals, natural events is known as the Love Valley.


4. Lava Tubes

Lava tubes are tunnels formed by lava that hardened the result of volcanic eruptions. Lava tubes can be found in Dangcheomuldonggul, The Republic of Korea.


5. Lava Pillow

Pillow lava is a rounded protrusion that resembles lava pillow size but also its size can achieve a small bed. When the hot lava into the outer layer of the water hardens quickly to form a glass skin that surrounds the rest of the hot lava.


6. Hydrothermal field

Volcano Dallol and fields of hydrothermal located in remote areas of North East Ethiopia there is a spectacular view, where a lot of salt deposits color such as white, pink, red, yellow, green, gray and black, as well as hot water, and a miniature geyser is in The fire crater.


7. Volcanic Bombs

When the volcano erupted, Volcanic bombs can fertilize a big blob of cold lava as it flew into a solid or semi-solid rock before reaching the ground. It is this ‘volcanic bombs’ were formed during flight and as a result got an aerodynamic shape. When sprayed, the volcanic bombs can bounce away and then when it hit the ground and rolled at high speed. Projectile (bullet) is known as a bomb cannon.


8. River of Flame

When a volcano erupts, lava seeping from vents and fissures. Although it can destroy and burn everything in its path, lava is actually running slow, so it looks like a river of fire flowing.


9. Caldera

Calderas is formed from explosive eruption or collapse of rock in the magma chamber is empty. Approximately 7,700 years ago, Mount Mazama erupted in Oregano and pouring of molten and semi-molten rock into the atmosphere.


10. Rafts of Pumice

When a large submarine volcano erupts, the lava cools rapidly to trap the gas bubbles in the rock, thus forming a highly vesicular pumice or float on the water. When Havre Seamount volcano erupted in 2012, it formed a floating rafts (rafts of pumice) covering more than 400 square kilometers of water, which the scientists found in the Kermadec islands, New Zealand.

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