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10 Attractive Technology Will Be Released in 2016

10 Attractive Technology Will Be Released in 2016

10 Attractive Technology Will Be Released in 2016 – 2016 has arrived, the world is more advanced. Lately, more and more interesting is the development of technology, therefore noteworthy also what technology products will be released in 2016.

Compiled from Kickstarter crowdfunding site for people looking for a joint venture in order to realize their dreams. Kickstarter is a place Oculus Rift, Pebble, Zano, until the non-tech products such as Veronica Mars movie and Shenmue 3 was conceived and born. Well, the future will also be born again cool and sophisticated product that will amaze in 2016.

1. Sound Reactive Mask

Ever imagine if another disco or accessories we wear a mask that looks to the music that was playing? Shot by Outline Montreal, Sound Reactive LED Mask is a mask that is blinking followed the thump of a song around it. This stylish accessories indeed have a voice detection to activate the LED. If you want a cool-kerenan During the party, it seems this could be an okay choice.

Estimated release: March 2016


2. Fleye – Personal Flying Robot

If you want to have a friendly robot with attractive design, Fleye could be the answer. Basically Fleye are drones that can fly to and fro, but with a more unique design. If the drone is generally shaped like a helicopter or airplane, Fleye more like a ball. We human touch is more secure and Fleye can automatically be evasive. Fleye movement can also be programmed and we can interact with others through Fleye. Fleye feel like a playmate than usual Drone.

Estimated release: September 2016


3. Ravean – First Heated Jacket

For those who like mountain climbing or traveling to a place where the temperature is low, Ravean is a technology that is fit to wear. Ravean itself is a jacket that has the ability to heat up and create a warm wearing. This jacket has a heating panel which has a battery life of up to 10 hours. This jacket also has another function as a mobile phone charger. In addition to the jacket, Ravean also includes gloves which can be warmed in a purchase.

Estimated release: February 2016


4. Artiphon Instrument

Did you ever play the guitar, piano, violin, bass, and drum machine in one instrument? Artiphon allowing the music player to be able to do it. This tool is super sophisticated. In addition to his voice as a musical instrument are set, the way to play it was also the same. If it is set as the guitar, play it too picked. If used as a piano, which is played like a piano. Even for violin was played like a violin, in which the arc swipe using our mobile phones. Super cool!

Estimated release: January 2016


5. indieGO! All-in-One Retro Console

If the hobby of playing classic games, Indigo! is the perfect console for trying. Retro console has features to play Amiga CD32, Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Sega CD, TurbooGrafx, until the legendary SNES and Sega Genesis. Sure we can play the games via emulator, but with these consoles are all available in one system and can be played through our television.

Estimated release: June 2016


6. Mojoe – The Travel Mug That’s a Coffee Maker

This product is specifically for those who like to drink coffee at the same time actively rather go anywhere or traveler. Mojoe is a travel mug which also can cook coffee. Was cool anyway. Rather than bother looking cafe for the sake of a cup of coffee, Mojoe could do it as you go along. This tool is portable, so the coffee cooking process is done using a battery. Mojoe also have the ability to secure and leak-proof and spill. Using Mojoe is easy: just filled with water and coffee powder is inserted into the container then this tool will boil by itself.

Estimates Released: May 2016


7. HeLi-on – The World’s Most Compact Solar Charger

Heli-on is a portable battery charger and environmentally friendly. This tool does utilize sunlight as an energy charger. The difference with the first that has been circulating in the market is, Heli-on has a more compact design and is able to charge higher. The model is indeed unique. Heli-on form only about as big as a thumb. However, in it there are rolls of solar panels that could be expanded if you want to use. If it is full, the tool is able to fill one and a half times the contents of the latest smartphone battery.
Estimated release: July 2016


8. MAPO® World’s First Connected Beauty Mask

For those who care about skin health and beauty, MAPO® going to be a revolutionary product and very helpful. Advanced mask is capable of detecting the moisture level of skin when worn. Related applications later will provide such information via smartphone. MAPO® also can detect whether skincare or face cream product used is suitable or not the character’s face. This is certainly very useful, especially when trying to skincare products to be purchased.

Estimated release: June 2016


9. BRAINtellect 2

The products of this technology is a tool that can relax the brain easily. BRAINtellect 2 works in a simple way. This instrument records brain activity, designing the music that matched the event, and send it back to the music of the brain. Kinds of musical instruments being played can be selected. And so, music dihantar accordance with what is happening in the brain. These products claim to reduce stress, create a better quality of sleep, and of course improve brain performance. To do this could only be done for less than an hour each day.

Estimated release: April 2016


10. iCAM Pro Deluxe – Smart Security Robot

CCTV is a legacy product, ICAM Pro Deluxe makes these technologies as from the Stone Age. ICAM Pro Deluxe is mesmerizing. These cameras not only record images but also could hear, recognize faces, and can talk to homeowners who were sent to the smartphone. ICAM Pro Deluxe can also capture images in the dark. Facial recognition feature is also very interesting. So, if there are people whose faces are not recognizable into the house when no anybody, this tool will send you a notification directly.

Estimated release: April 2016

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