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10 Most Controversial Action of Biting Opponent

10 Most Controversial Action of Biting An Opponent in A Sports Arena – In the sports arena to uphold sportsmanship indeed is preferred, it’s inevitable that at some sporting events often controversial fraud. Not only was the bite-bite incidents in sporting events have occurred, even the culprit is the star of the sport as he had done by Luis Suarez several times in football. And Mike Tyson in the boxing ring arena, reaping the spotlight crowds.

1. Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield – Boxing

In 1997 ago, shocked the boxing world with a big game between two top fighters at the time, Mike Tyson with Evander Holyfield.

However, talking about the time that it was an act Tyson twice biting Holyfield’s ear in the ring. At first bite the referee deducted points Tyson. In the second bite of the party immediately discontinued and Tyson disqualified.

Tyson reasoned, he was annoyed that Holyfield kept doing headbutt while the referee also did not do anything against the incident make the most of Holyfield’s ear was torn. As a result of his actions, Tyson boxing license was revoked for 15 months.

Had apologized to Holyfield two days after biting his ear, at 1999 Tyson actually make remarks that he did not hesitate to do so as if it is in similar situations, I would do it again if provoked I would do it again in a similar situation, “said Tyson at BBC on October 4, 1999.


2. Jermain Defoe bite the arm of Javier Mascherano – EPL

A match between Tottenham Hotspur contra West Ham United in October 2006 gave rise to controversy, after Jermain Defoe seen biting the arm Javier Mascheran

The incident began after Mascherano violated hard Defoe. When both of them were sitting on the grass, was seen Defoe bite Mascherano’s arm at his side.

At that time, referee Steve Bennett cast a yellow card to both players. Given the referee has taken action, the FA was then chose not to take action against Defoe again.


3. Suarez and Otman Bakkal – Eredivisie

Before moving to Liverpool and biting Branislav Ivanovic, Luis Suarez been sentenced to heavy penalties in the Netherlands when performing similar actions.

On 20 November 2010, while still defending Ajax, Suarez was caught biting the shoulder of PSV player Otman Bakkal in a match between the two teams.

As a result of these actions, Ajax punish Suarez as much as two games and also impose a financial penalty, which is unspecified.

Penalty ban for Suarez was then augmented by the Dutch Football Federation (KNVB) to seven matches.


4. Luis Suarez and Branislav Ivanovic – EPL

Act of biting an opponent performed again by Luis Suarez when uniformed Liverpool. When his team was dealing with Chelsea, Sunday (04/23/2013), Suarez looks biting Branislav Ivanovic.

The incident was observed by referee Kevin Friend so that he did not reap the punishment on the field. Now the Football Association (FA) was asked to act decisively against Suarez.

Immediately after the match that ended 2-2 itself, Suarez had immediately apologized to his Ivanovic bite I’m very sad for what happened this afternoon. I apologized to Ivanovic and world football’s outrageous for my actions. I’m very sorry about this incident, “Suarez said on his Twitter account.


5. Luis Suarez and Giorgio Chiellini – the World Cup, Brazil

Again Luis Suarez did the dirty job retention in the sports arena, this time do it in the international arena Suarez World Cup Brazil, which brought the Group D match, Uruguay against Italy, in the Arena das Dunas, Natal, on Tuesday (24/06/2014).

But after the match Luis Suarez denies having committed the sportive against Giorgio Chiellini on the incident, as in the quotation from the chirp Luis Suarez on twitter

“There are some things that happen in the field. There was only us (Suarez and Chiellini) in the arena and he hit me with his shoulder and it’s why my eyes to be like this,” said Suarez.

“This is something that happens on the pitch and you should not exaggerate,” he continued.


6. Johan le Roux and Sean Fitzpatrick – Rugby

In the world of rugby, there was one incident of biting an opponent who is quite busy talking. It happened in a match between the teams of South Africa with a team of New Zealand, in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1994 ago.

In the South African player of the match Johan le Roux was caught biting the ear of New Zealand captain Sean Fitzpatrick. Most meat ears of Fitzpatrick even called the New Zealand Herald came off torn.

Immediately after the incident, the South African team immediately repatriate le Roux, who in the country dubbed ‘le Beast’. In the process, he was sentenced to not allow them to play for 18 months.

After serving the sentence, le Roux also cited remarks that might make people who heard frowning or even shudder.

“During his 18-month sentence, I think it should bite it off. So at least I can say, ‘look, I returned to South Africa with the man’s ear,'” he said in the NZ Herald.


7. Diego Costa and Gareth Barry – FA Cup

Diego Costa, Chelsea striker was often do things unsportsmanlike, even he has been stigmatized when they defend Atletico Madrid, such as spitting at an opponent, kicking opponents, elbowing, and many other dirty things more often does.

This time Diego Costa bite the neck of Gareth Barry Everton in the FA Cup sixth round on Saturday (12/03/2016). The incident occurred in the 84th minute after Diego Costa and Gareth Barry involved in the struggle for the ball. The referee of the match directly away from the field by providing a second yellow card to Diego Costa.


8. J-Taro Takita and Shigeyuki Uchiyama

When fighting, “J-Taro” Takita lose control and bite his ear Shigeyuki Uchiyama. Uchiyama was taken to hospital with a wound torn, but it is not known whether the doctor could sew back or not.


9. Tree Rollins and Danny Ainge – NBA

Of an NBA basketball arena, there are Tree Rollins also take action to nip in when he fell on the ground in the fight against Bostons Celtics Atlanta Hawks in 1983. It was known to bite Rollins Boston Celtics player, Danny Ainge when the two teams met in the NBA playoffs. As a result of such action, Tree Rollins eventually earned the nickname Tree Bites Man.


10. Tim Hague and Joey Beltran – UFC

Nip action have also occurred in the UFC wrestling arena. One athlete wrestling UFC, Tim Hague in 2009 and recorded once take action to nip while clashing with Joey Beltran in the ring. At that time, it looks if the team biting the knee Joey Beltran at UFC 113, held in Montreal in 2009.


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