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9 Interesting Facts MI6 and James Bond Film

10 Interesting Facts MI6 and James Bond Film – “Bond. James Bond.” When I hear this word most people would refer to MI6, yes MI6, or more formally known as the Secret Intelligence Service, the British intelligence agencies. MI6 actually stands for “Military Intelligence, Section 6” or in Indonesian “Military Intelligence, Section 6” and is comparable with the CIA in the United States. His brother, a security service MI5 is responsible for the protection of the state of domestic threats, such as the FBI or the Department of Homeland Security. Of course, every intelligence agency has many secrets and is also not free from the unique facts therein.

10 Interesting Facts MI6 and James Bond Film


1. Initials are different

Although the head of MI6 in the James Bond films always using the initials of the letter “M”, in the real world, the head of MI6 actually referred to as “C”. This comes first leader of the organization, Sir Mansfield Cumming, who signed all with the initials “C”. All the next head of MI6 also referred to as this, regardless of who his real name. “C” is always written in the document with green ink.



2. Different branching

Formerly, there were 19 different branches of the Military Intelligence in the SIS. MI1 handles the management of information, MI11 responsible for codebreaking or breaking passwords or codes, MI2 to Russia and Scandinavia Intelligence, MI4 for aerial reconnaissance, and so on. Finally, many of these branches liquidated to MI6.



3. Headquarter

MI6 Headquarters is located at Vauxhall Cross, first seen in the James Bond film in “The World Is Not Enough”. The building was completed in 1994 and the price is rumored to reach £ 130 million. Many of the building underground to protect the confidential and sensitive to even the layout are protected by the Official Secrets Act of the United Kingdom.



4. Standing First Time

MI6 was originally established as the Bureau of the Secret Service (Secret Service Bureau) in 1909 and its existence was not fully revealed until 1994. The retirement age for senior staff official agency MI6 was secret. Only the British Intelligence Security Committee know.



5. Author and Agent

John le Carre, the author entitled “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” and “Smiley People” is an MI6 agent. Le Carre change the name of David John Moore Cornwell as an agent and is not allowed to publish under his real name. Besides la Carre, author Graham Greene also an MI6 agent. Ian Fleming is not an agent of MI6, but yet he is a member of Naval Intelligence. During duty finally he was inspired to create his work, James Bond.



6. Cake recipe, but not a bomb!

An MI6 agent successfully paved the online magazine Al-Qaeda and replace with bomb-making instructions to make a cupcake recipe.



7. MI6 website

Much like the CIA finally make his official page on Twitter, MI6 also had online with the web page itself. Visitors can learn about the history of the institution, looking for work, and take a virtual tour on the organization.



8. Cool Tools

Spy gadgets are the real thing in MI6, although perhaps not as sophisticated as that in the James Bond film, such as watches and pen magnetic grenades. An intelligence agent using technology such as a camera in a box of matches and a variety of other secret equipment.



9. Leak, leak, leak

The head of MI6 or C are present, Sir John Sawers, almost lost his job when his wife post a lot of personal information the family to his Facebook profile. Such information includes the couple’s home address and the location of their three children. Lucky the data is then immediately deleted.


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