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10 Your Vices So Others Irritated

10 Your Vices So Others Irritated – Perhaps the worst side of bad attitude is that we sometimes do it unknowingly. We do not know that what we do is actually disturbing, because in our shadow, we’re doing fine. We did not realize that the words which we are bringing to hurt, because our purpose is to share. Well, this is where the importance of reminding ourselves once in a while. The properties of what exactly should we subtract and which most often we do unconsciously?

1. Knowledgeably and hobbies patronize. Because people are really smart would not feel he was smart.

When we feel the most intelligent of people around you, be careful with our beliefs that. First, it’s a subjective beliefs – we could be wrong. Secondly, this belief can lead us to do things that sucks. For example, because they do not want to look stupid, we pretend to understand any word interlocutors as well as trying to monopolize the conversation. In fact, it’s better we did not know rather than pretend to know something! Whose knowledge it looks fake.

Think open and do not hesitate to ask. This is precisely capable of making us increasingly rich knowledge and insight. On the other hand, if we know something and intend to share knowledge, always give others the opportunity to disagree with us. Remember: one sign that we really clever is that we do not feel that smart ourselves.


2. Because one or two luxury items, we felt ourselves rich.

Another trait that makes others reluctant to be near us is to feel yourself rich. Feel we have things we do not have and show it off for the sake of self-esteem actually makes people around us sick. Moreover, if we deliberately cynical so that people realize that we are rich and affluent. Did you know that this would make us more stunted in their eyes?


3. People who are really rich will usually look myself. Hobby show off wealth will make us look tacky.

When we possess the excess, give thanks and do not have liver plays. Flaunt our wealth does not make us richer in the eyes of others. It also does not elevate and our social status. Precisely in this way more and more people know that we are poor faith. If indeed we have and are aware that life is a spinning wheel and maybe we’re just being at the top position. Remember also that someday we will be in the down position.


4. If we are not engaged in a conversation, do not immediately follow. Remember, we were not invited.

Things can also make those around us feel sick is when we are not engaged in a conversation, but insisted entrance into it. Moreover, if we abruptly monopolizing the conversation.
It’s okay if we want to familiarize themselves with the occasional connect to the chat. Remember, interrupting it was not at all polite. So try to be humble every time you sign into the chat. Respect is also the opportunity of people to talk to not cut it. Remember, too, the core of the discussion is the exchange of ideas and concepts. So, it is useless to insist on dominating.


5. Underestimate that others will not make us more powerful than them.

Recognized or not, subconsciously we often despise or underestimate others. Though it does not make us more powerful than those that we consider trivial.

With negative thinking and feel we’ve been great, we are just going to give an opportunity for us to sip failure. Why ? Since we judge people purely on the nature and appearance, while the ability of a person’s most valuable is always stored in them. Do not be surprised if one day our capabilities are just as small as the nail segment that we have underestimated.


6. Stingy and calculations, if too far, will make us poorer friends.

The calculation is fair. However, do not let this good original properties so even nuisance. If we knew the friend he did not have time to reach into his pocket in order to find a piece of money to us, should not we give the coins to him? If we know a friend who owes us were financial difficulties since the end of the month, would not it be better for us to collect the debt at the beginning of the month alone? It is mandatory to keep what we got, but we must also be able to read the atmosphere of situations and conditions.


7. Talk about other people behind us, we show that our courage is not thick.

Talking about the people behind often becomes a habit that we do unconsciously. Maybe because we do not dare to complain in front of people who make us upset, but perhaps also because we are hobby exposing the private lives of others. In fact, to speak ill of other people do not make us human are infallible. Precisely this activity can make our reputation is getting ugly. People are going away from us, not least my friends who came with us too!


8. Hobby complain it will aggravate our boredom.

Complaining will not lessen our burden. It is precisely this will make us more saturated and the burden of our lives all the more acute. With complain we will also disturb the people around. Subconsciously we can spread a negative aura around us. Not only burdens us gain weight, but those around us also be getting sick.

Before complaining, we can recall the favors or blessings that we have received today. Changing our perspective to look at it from the positive lens may be slightly reduce one’s bad habits. Before we lament how tired because of work or tasks that never ended, grateful and thankful that we have a job, remember also that are out there are still many people who need jobs and schools for food as well as the future.


9. Always feel the most correct in all respects is not proof that we are the most good.

Always feel the most correct and do not want to lose in a variety of things can make people around increasingly resentful and away from us. Did not admit wrong is proof that our people are stubborn and ignorant. Maybe this will satisfy our ego, but it will increasingly negative stereotype often descend to us. Admitting mistakes and apologizing does not make us weak humans. Indeed, many people will recognize the greatness of our hearts.


10. Bossy, shows here and there. In fact, doing it yourself is actually we could.

Bossy may have unknowingly been or as often as we did. Hobby order people around is not an act that keeps us in the top position.

While we are still healthy body and senses still functioning well, why not do it all on their own? If you do need help from others, set the tone of our voice. Do not use high-pitched intonation because it would seem that we ordered is not good. Do not forget to always say “please” and “thank you” every before or after receiving help from others!

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