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16 Tips For Your Health


16 Health Tips – Print the following list and hang it on your fridge, in your bulletin or put it on your bedside table. Every day you take before a new tip and put this into practice. In this way you devote every day a little more of your health. Soon you go the 30 tips – or at least some of them – into flesh and blood. Have fun!

1.  The Water Day
Replace soft drinks and other beverages with herbal tea or water.

2. The raw appetizers day
Eat before each meal a raw fruit, some raw vegetables (turnip, cucumber)Or a crisp green salad as a starter.

3. The Sports Day
Extend your daily sports program by 5 minutes. Do not have an exercise program? Start with 5 minutes a day! Soon you will feel that five minutes are not enough, you wait and see.

4. The solar day
Give yourself more sunshine! When the sun shines, you can sunbathe. It should – depending on the season and time of day – last between 10 and 30 minutes.

5. The Pilates Day
Know Pilates? Look around in your area if you can prove there a beginners’ course. It is probably the best exercise system for greater flexibility, perfect posture, muscle power and better condition.

6. The Smoothie Day
Do you drink a green smoothie a day? No, than make it a habit from which your health will benefit greatly.

7. The houseplants day
Buy more houseplants: they clean the air in your home and relax your eye.

8. Vitamin D-day
As you soak up the sun regularly since day 4, your vitamin D level is certainly higher; because the organism is exposed to sunlight vitamin D can form independently. If you cannot regularly attend the sun, you should – take vitamin D as a dietary supplement, ideally combined with vitamin K2 and calcium – at least in the winter.

9. The quinoa day
Eat more quinoa. Quinoa is a so-called- Pseudo cereal. It is rich in extremely high quality and complete protein and also provides a lot of iron, magnesium and calcium. Quinoa can replace wonderful pasta or rice.

10. The fat-day
Inspect today for your fat reserves and step up to healthy fats. Replace frying fats exception with high-quality organic coconut oil or bio-frying oil. Replace cheap salad oils through virgin olive oil and treat yourself every now and again a feature such. As high-quality organic flaxseed oil or hemp oil, which take small amounts daily to enrich your raw food diet.

11. The detox day
You know that the root of health lies hidden in the intestine. For appeals of any kind a gut renovation is therefore one of the first and most important steps. A cleansing Colon cleansing can be very simple and easily integrated into everyday life today. Take advantage of the strong detoxifying effect of bentonite and psyllium husk powder and build your intestinal flora. Consider now when you want to take a gut renovation in attack and learn about its benefits for your health.

12. The teeth-day
Consider now what you could do for your teeth and your gums health. Interesting measures with partially overwhelmingly positive impact, for example, the oil pulling and mouth rinses with salt and herb decoction.

13. The eye day
Drink from today, for example, half a liter of carrot juice, preferably freshly squeezed.

14. The Bloss-no-parking-in-the-vicinity – day
Instead of parking to be found in the immediate vicinity of the supermarket, park further away intentionally in order to get a little more exercise and at the same time a bit more sunshine..

15. The water filter tag
If you have been drinking tap water, buy today a good water filter. Be sure to select, ideally, a water filter that turns your tap water in a natural way in water that comes close to the quality of refreshing and pure spring water.

16. The yoga day
They already make a daily 5-minute sports program and a few bugs’ passages. Parking is in complete offside and also regularly go to Pilates training. Now you need to balance even a sport of the gentle kind. With yoga, for example, you can reduce your stress and improve your physical endurance.

We hope you enjoy every single day of your Health Month!

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