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28 The Sexiest Female Athletes World Wide

28 The Sexiest Female Athletes World Wide :

1. Sierra Blair Coyle

Start Cliff climbing sport since the age of 14 years, Sierra Blair Coyle is a former United States national champion in the junior level and participated in the World Championships. The new 21-year-old, Sierra is now also working with College and his profession as a model.
2. Camille Leblanc Bazinet
Camille Leblanc Bazinet is a cross-fit athletes who are versatile. Women Canada this is a 26 year old champion Cros-Fit the 2014 Games and had the feel of being a football athlete, volleyball, marathon, skiing, and rugby.
3. Sabina Altynbekova
The name Sabina Altynbekova suddenly famous around the world after he performed at the Asian Junior women’s Volleyball Championship last year. In addition to the beautiful face and body height, Sabina appears different from long hair tied up and her bangs.
4. Maria Kirilenko
From the side of accomplishment, Maria Kirilenko left away from compatriot, Maria Sharapova. But the question of beauty, this 28 year old tennis player no less riveting. Yet despite winning the Grand Slam, Kirilenko is currently thrown into a position 300-ness of the world.
5. Leryn Franco
Leryn Dahiana Franco Steneri is throwing the Javelin athlete from Paraguay. His appearance at the 2008 Beijing Olympics became a sensation in virtual worlds, related to behold the handsome. Male 33 years is also to cultivate the world model.
6. Anastasia Ashley
Anastasia Electra Ashley was born in California, United States, 28 years ago. In the start action on the Board of surfing since the age of 5 years, and at the age of 7 years has got its own sponsors. His favorite surf location is on Shampooing, Bali.
7. Michelle Jenneke
Because the dance while doing the warm-up ahead of the race run in 2012 then, Michelle Jenneke so sensation on the internet. Athletes 22 years origin Australia also have ideal posture makes it a model.
8. Louisa Necib
In the country of his birth, France, Louisa Necib was nicknamed Zidane The Female. The backbone of the Middle field Les Bleus and Lyon, female 28 years old is described as the player with special ability ‘,has incredible technique ‘,ball and ‘ elegant accuracy feedback is very high. ‘
9. Gina Carano
Don’t be fooled by a pretty face. Gina Carano is a mixed martial art fighter with a record 12 times to duel and 12 times wins. His face frequently appears on the big screen, with one of them starred in Fast Furious & 6.
10. Kiira Korpi
28 The Sexiest Female Athletes World Wide
Kiira Korpi is the most appropriate representation for beautiful skating sports. Her face is gorgeous and sexy body curves in tune with a supple movement is on top of a layer of ice. Korpi was born in Finland and is now 27-year-old.
11. Blair O’Neal
In addition to being a professional golfer Blair O’Neal, also had a career as a model. Blair Neal dubbed the Most Beautiful Women in Golf.
12. Sally Fitzgibbons
Sally Fitzgibbons knows the sport of surfing since the age were children. Instead he‘s been fighting to 21 age group when he was 14 years old. A variety of awards already obtained this Australia-born sexy woman.
13. Ana Ivanovic
List of sexiest female athletes is not complete if not enter Ana Ivanovic in it. Tennis player of Serbian origin is now in a relationship with Bastian Schweinsteiger close.
14. Hilary Knight
Become professional ice hockey players have been dropping off Hilary Knight grabbed many awards. Women 26 years participating United States origin takes his country won the silver medal in the Olympics, women’s Hockey League MVP into Canada, as well as a holder of four World Championship titles.
15. Skylar Diggins
Strengthen the Tulsa Shock in the WNBA, Skylar Diggins had already stood out since I was in high school level with several times earned a best United States players. While in College, he became a printer the most points for Notre Dame with 2357 points. While professional players after so he find their first Big East Player of the Year 2012 and 2013.
16. Alana Blanchard
Born March 5, 1990, a surfer Alana Blanchard is at once professional model United States. He has now also become a designer and a model of one of the most famous surf clothing brands.
17. Anouk Hoogendijk
Never reinforce the Arsenal and is now listed as Ajax Amsterdam, Anouk Hoogendijk so the main pillars of the national team Netherlands with up to now has 102 caps and contributed nine goals.
18. Melanie Adams
Join the strengthening Australia‘s 2012 Olympic pole vault jump to branch, Melanie Adams also appeared several times as a model in sexy lingerie.
19. Marta Menegatti
There is nothing best Marta Menegatti is finalist of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Behold the beautiful make beach volleyball athletes aged 25 years this had great popularity in his native country, Italy.
20. Antonija Misura
Antonija Misura is a professional basketball player Croatia. The handsome to behold him can be many bids to become a model. But a woman of 27 years old this choose the focus as athletes and world education by taking classes at the Department of tourism.
21. Darya Klishina
It’s hard to trust when Darya Klishina is an athlete. Blonde hair, tall posture and face unique make Russia women aged 24 years this deserves more model, a profession he indeed lives in addition to everyday life in the field as long jump athlete.
22. Eugenie Bouchard
With his gorgeous Eugenie Bouchard quickly so the new idol in tennis. Moreover, he appears to have an impact great after going the final of Wimbledon and the semi-finals of France and Australia open. 21-year-old new, original Jock Canada is dubbed as The Next Maria Sharapova.
23. Maria Sharapova
Maria Sharapova is considered one of the sexiest female athletes this time. In addition to being the star of various products around the world, the origin of this 28 year old Russia also has its own trademark i.e. candy Sugarpova.
24. Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn ski gold medal ice number downhill at the 2010 Winter Olympics, which made it the first United States woman with nothing. Women are known to be in a relationship with Tiger Woods also had six world title number down hill gets consecutively.
25. Silje Norendal
Silje Norendal is the star snowboarder origin of Norway. He won the gold medal at the Winter X Games in 2013 and finish fourth in the 2014 Winter Olympics in the category of slopestyle.
26. Laure Boulleau
Laure Boulleau currently recorded as PSG defender and national team of France. 28 year old, Laure Boulleau already collected 57 caps.
27. Caroline Wozniacki
Caroline Wozniacki scored a history as the first Scandinavian woman to the top ranks of tennis Princess world. Even so, women 25 years of origin of Denmark has not even won a Grand Slam tournament.
28. Ashlyn Harris
Wendy Haris participated drove United States won the women’s World Cup this year, although he‘s just so backup Hope Solo. With a height of 175 cm, he is still listed as the Club’s goalkeeper Washington Spirit.

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