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5 Most Dramatic Champions League Final

5 Most Dramatic Champions League Final, Which Ended on Penalties – From some final that has happened so far, it is not so much to end the match to become champions. However, because the balance of the game between the two teams resulted in the inevitability of a penalty shoot-out. Here we will look back in a few final champions league most dramatic of which should end with a penalty shoot-out.

1. BAYERN MUNICH 5-4 VALENCIA ( 1-1 ) Champions League Final 2001

PK Goal = Salihamidzic, Zickler, Effenberg, Lizarazu, Linke
PK Goal = Mendieta, Carew, Baraja, Kily

The clubs of Germany seems to be very rare stumble if passing through on penalties. This is evident when the 2001 final at the San Siro which brought Bayern Munich against Cavalancia. To Cavalancia itself are failing their second successive final after in 2000.

The match between Bayern munich against fierce Cavalancia running directly after the whistle sounded the referee, where players Cavalancia directly scored from a Gaizka Mendieta begin with a penalty that is obtained when two minute game has been running. But Munich player Stefan Effenberg also responded again in the second half through a point half white too. After the situation at 1-1 up to 120 minutes, determining the eventual winner must be resolved by penalties.

In the penalty shootout, dubbed Bavarian club obtained the first opportunity. Unfortunately, Paulo Sergio kick bounced over the bar. Then Bayern gained his first goal through Hasan Salihamidzic after the first kicker Mendieta Valencia managed to carry out their duties perfectly.

In this drama executor of the third and fourth of Valencia stirring emotions when both were unsuccessful shot rattled goalkeeper Oliver Kahn of Bayern guarded. Then disaster for Cavalancia begin to appear when two of their players Zahovič and Carboni failed to execute the ball into the goal Kahn, eventually determination Munich victory over Cavalancia confirmed after Kahn repulsed kick Mauricio Pellegrino who became executor of the seventh and the third player Valencia who failed as a kicker.

Kahn success dispels the penalty drove Bayern clinched a fourth European title. In the play Bayern 5-4 over Valencia.


2. AC MILAN 2-3 JUVENTUS ( 0-0 ) Champions League Final 2003

PK Goal = Birindelli, Del Piero

PK Goal = Serginho, Nesta, Shevchenko

First Champions League final two teams that bring the Italian authorities, the match between Milan and Juventus have turned out to be the winner completed the penalties too. Betting should be done after 120 minutes both teams played goalless.

AC Milan itself advanced to the champions league final, held at Old Trafford after defeating Internazionale Milan and Juventus beat representatives of Spain, Real Madrid in the semi-finals. In the last penalty kicker David Trezeguet be the first for Juve. But he failed to lift the morale of his team after Milan keeper Dida was able to anticipate Trezeguet kick.

Conversely Milan gained the advantage after Serginho, who became the first kicker successfully carry out their duties properly. But turning the situation changed when Clarence Seedorf and Kaka Kaladze failed in his duty as a kicker second and third.

The same thing happened to Juventus. Kick Marcelo Zalayeta and Paolo Montero is also not able to penetrate goalkeeper Dida. As a result, the last kick from Del Piero can not withstand the pace of Milan emerged as the winner of the shootout. Andriy Shevchenko is the final executor of Milan to be decisive for Milan 3-2 victory.


3. AC MILAN 2-3 LIVERPOOL ( 3-3 ) Champions League Final 2005

PK Goal = Tomasson, Kaka
PK Goal = Hamann, Cisse, Smicer

Not long after getting the title of league champions in 2003, AC Milan was back to feeling the Champions League final just two years ago. In the champions league final 2005 gathering in Istanbul, AC Milan met with representatives of the English Liverpool.

This game is very intriguing directly runs when the captain of Milan, Paolo Maldini scored in the first minute and it seems like this game already feels expire after Milan player scored a second and third goals scored by Hernan Crespo in the 39th minute and 44.

It turns out all visible on the ground directly changed after halftime in which Liverpool managed to steal the first goal kick in the 54th minute Gerard, a goal which was given the captain was successfully spur other Liverpool players to play aggressively. It looks after Smicer in the 56th minute scored again for Liverpool and followed by Xabi Alonso in the 60th minute which made the final score 3-3.

This dramatic game had forced both teams must be willing to play until half penalty. Fortune gained Milan for pass when they beat Juventus on penalties in the previous finals had turned. In the 2005 Champions League final, Milan had to surrender to Liverpool.

Two first penalty taker Milan, Serginho and Andrea Pirlo failed to carry out their duties. While Liverpool only failed on kick John Arne Riise were successfully blocked by goalkeeper Dida. But the penalty stage it must be ended with a 3-2 Liverpool victory. The sad drama that happens when a kick Shevchenko failed to break the opponent’s goal. In fact, two years earlier, he had been a hero for Milan in a penalty shootout against Juventus.


4. MANCHESTER UNITED 6-5 CHELSEA ( 1-1 ) Champions League Final 2008

PK Goal = Tevez, Carrick, Hargreaves, Nani, Anderson, Giggs
PK Goal = Ballack, Belletti, Lampard, A. Cole, Kalou

The meeting between Manchester United and Chelsea to the Champions League final second leg match coming from a single country. After an all-Italian final in the Champions League top party in 2003, following five years also occurred an all-English final. Manchester United and Chelsea is to be competitive.

Manchester United managed to excel through the first directed header C.Ronaldo who managed to deceive P.Cech, but those advantages can not be maintained after F.Lampard goalkeeper Van der sar in the final minute before halftime.

Final which takes place in Moscow, Russia, it must be resolved by a penalty shootout after Manchester United and Chelsea could only draw 1-1 extra-time until the long whistle sounded.

Four kicker first of the two teams that Carlos Tevez, Michael Ballack, Michael Carrick and Juliano Belletti have all made it into the net with without problems. But it has stirred up emotions after kick Cristiano Ronaldo, who also scored his first goal for Manchester United failed to penetrate the Chelsea goal.

After the failure of Ronaldo, Chealse players Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole had brought his team ahead. But the situation changed dramatically when John Terry slipped and his shot could not tear the nets United guarded Van der sar.

While four of United’s last kicker, Hergreaves Owen, Nani, Anderson and Ryan Giggs successfully completed their respective duties. While the part of Chelsea striker Nicolas Anelka is the decisive unable to perform his duties. Thus hopes to become champions Chelsea foundered after succumbing 6-5 to United.


5. BAYERN MUNICH 3-4 Chelsea (1-1) Champions League Final 2012

PK Goal = Lahm, Gomez, Neuer

PK Goal = David Luiz, Lampard, Cole, Drogba

Chelsea finally back through the final champions league after four years of waiting and meeting with Bayern Munich which also act as hosts in the final this time. Final for Chelsea is somewhat special, because this makes the final Chelsea secured their first league trophy in the history of the club stands after losing in the 2008 final against Manchester United.

The match between the two teams is quite dramatic and will probably be one of the champions league final which will always be remembered by football supporters. In the final minutes of normal time precisely in the 83rd minute, Bayern Munich push through the left side through the cross directional kick Toni Kros and successfully converted into a goal by Thomas Muller through his header.

But the unyielding attitude of players Chelsea sweet fruit next interval of five minutes exactly in minute 88 where Drogba managed to rip the goal Neur through Juan Mata’s corner and forced the two teams had to undergo half-fist punch.

In the first round of the kicker penalties from Chelsea, Juan Mata failed to put the ball straight which successfully countered Neur. While the three first kicker Munich Lahm, Gomez, Neuer managed to complete its task without hindrance. But disastrous for Munich begin to appear when Olic and Schweinsteiger failed in their duty. While David Luiz, Lampard, Cole, and Drogba the executioner last successfully put the ball into the goal Neur. In the drama Chelsea succeeded in winning 4-3 over Bayern Munich.

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