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5 Unique Story Behind the Derby della Madonnina

5 Unique Story Behind the Derby della Madonnina Milan Derby


5 Unique Story Behind the Derby della Madonnina (Milan Derby) – No one if the former president of Inter Milan, Massimo Morrati said that it was difficult to sleep ahead of the derby della Madonnina. This derby is always present the results do not tertuga and seasoned with prestige-laden battle between the 22 players in the middle of the field.

A number of journalist in Italy too busy to present the various predictions and the analysis of this prestigious weight ahead of the game. Not only that, a number of club officials was lured by the journalist to answer questions that actually contains the psychological warfare before kick off. However they enjoy and have a flavor that is inseparable from the derby della Madonnina.

A number of interesting stories presented well before the game, when the game in progress or after the game takes place in this derby. Here are 5 interesting story behind the derby della Madonnina on reports from indosport.

1. Flare

Derby della Madonnina always present an interesting thing and always appear in the stands both fans of the flare. For some people flare always interpreted as fireworks but actually flares pyro technique that produces a bright light (fire) / the intense heat without explosion. Actually intended for the use of flares military equipment, which is to be used as a signal (SOS), lighting equipment. This stuff actually illicit goods in the football stadium.
Yet somehow these things always get into the stadium. There is an interesting term, ‘No Flare No Party’. It means the absence of flare in the main derby match like the derby della Madonnina will reduce the feeling in the derby. Several derby della Madonnina previous editions had been a cessation of the match due to the smoke from the flares interfere with players of both clubs. But that’s the derby, flares become mandatory items are ready to be burned when the kick off sounds.


2. Meaning Madonnina


Many football lovers who do not know why the match AC Milan vs Inter Milan always called derby della Madonnina, though there is also a mention as the Milan derby. Why is called the derby della Madonnina? derby mention of spontaneous spoken of fans of both clubs as a tribute to one of the objects of the major sights in the city of Milan the statue of the Virgin Mary at the peak of Milan Cathedral, the cathedral which is a land-mark Milan.


3. Competition Duel Due Legend Media Provocation

Both clubs have the same great legend in the same era that Sandro Mazzola and Gianni Rivera. Both defending Inter Milan and AC Milan in the 60s. Each of the two club’s fans consider them is the best. Rivera called Golden Boy by AC Milan fans while Mazzola considered to be ‘gods’ to Inter Milan, even though Mazzola is native of Turin, headquarters city rivals Inter another club, Juventus.

Both also compete with each other to show who is the best. Their competition until they are called to defend the Italian national team. Interestingly both players rivalry is not just because of the climate of fans who show each other’s existence, but also was influenced by the writings of a number of reporters in that era. derby-milan.com launch a number of these writings have been more impressed pitched provocation for both of these players are both compact was not playing for the Italian national team.

Compaction due to lack such, they did not once did play simultaneously for the Italian national team. When Italy was able to penetrate the Italian Cup final in 1970, the two are not lowered simultaneously, Italy was slaughtered by Brazil with a landslide score 1-4.


4. One Stadium Two Names

With the competition’s group of supporters of both teams if it did not want to have in common, including the naming of the stadium, their cages. Kubu AC Milan named their home stadium as the San Siro stadium fit the original name of the area where the stadium is located. Meanwhile, Inter Milan camp call their stadium Giuseppe Meazza stadium.

Interestingly in 1980, the Milan city council decided that the name of the region is considered as a regional stronghold AC Milan San Siro Meazza, footballer ever to play in the two clubs have yet more is considered a legend by Inter Milan fans.


5. Two Ideology Clash

Conscious or not the derby della Madonnina was mixed with political interests. A number of reliable foreign journalists such as Franklin Foer never mentioned that political ideology will be difficult to separate from the main two rival clubs are two clubs from the same city.

Like it or not, since Silvio Berlusconi became president of AC Milan, AC Milan camp as representing the government side that happened to the conservative right. While Inter Milan are controlled by oil tycoon Massimo Morrati mentioned more inclined to left-socialist ideology, this assumption is increased by the fact that revealed that a number of players such as Inter Milan Javier mendukun Zanneti the Zapatista movement in Mexico.


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