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7 Mystery Of The World Revealed Early


7 Mystery Of The World Revealed Earlier by Urantia Book – Urantia versus Modern Knowledge (New discoveries that have or have not found). Please note that the Urantia Book was revealed in 1934-1939 and was first printed in 1955.

1. Urantia: There are many galaxies and planets are inhabited. The total number of inhabited planet not less than 7 trillion planets

MODERN KNOWLEDGE : In 1997-98 Hubble discovered some stars that have planets. Mars is believed to have been inhabited. Not yet known whether inhabited planets in other stars as well.

2. Urantia : Paper 49, Section 3, pages 563-564. There is one race of creatures that do not breathe (non breathers) who live close to the Earth (inhabits a sphere in close proximity to Urantia). Maybe the Moon or other planets adjacent to Earth – Mars or Venus.

MODERN KNOWLEDGE : Have not found. Reports and research on UFO disseminated through the internet and UFO magazines often mention there are living beings who live on the side of the Moon that is not facing the Earth. Some suspect there is life on Venus and Mars.

3. Urantia : There are particles smaller than the electron, namely ultimaton.

MODERN KNOWLEDGE : Have not found until 1999.

4. Urantia : Page. 535, 582, 1248, 430, 299. People can travel outer space, at speeds exceeding the speed of light, using a vehicle angelic seraphim (enseraphimed). We are ‘wrapped’ and brought in a sleep state. Paper 23, page 260 says that the maximum limit seraphim method is 558 840 miles per second and average speed is 550,000 miles per second. Besides Solitary Messenger and Messenger Gravity can be much faster.

MODERN KNOWLEDGE : It is not known if anyone can travel faster than light. Einstein Assuming no faster than light.

5. Urantia :  There are 3 types of natural (realm): the realm of the spirit, nature morontia-transition, and natural materials related to third and from one origin.

MODERN KNOWLEDGE : Science only emphasizes the findings that can be researched on real-world material. There is no measuring instrument to the spirit world or the world of transition (a glorified body and ghost).

6. Urantia : Energy and materials are basically one, just different embodiments. Paper 15, p 175. Energy, due to the gravitational influence would have to matter, unless there is anti-gravitational effect is intentionally applied, and if there are certain conditions, so that the material is converted into energy.

MODERN KNOWLEDGE : Einstein proposed the theory of relativity and the relationship of energy and matter E = mc2.

7. Urantia : Paper 9, page 101. There are anti-gravity ability possessed by God’s Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the power controllers, and some descendants of the Spirit of God. An example is the gyroscope (p.101).

MODERN KNOWLEDGE : Anti-gravity is being researched. New gyroscope shows the result of anti-gravity, is not the case.


You can see the book at : http://urantia-indonesia.tripod.com/urantia_book_online.htm

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