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7 Mythological Creature From Arabic

7 Mythological Creature From Arabic – Arab and mythological creatures, this combination may we never heard of before. Heck, if often talk about this mythical animal is precisely the name of Greece who is always out. Some mythological creatures they must have been very familiar, just call it the Cerberus, Phoenix, Cimaera, Centaur and so on. Arab lands himself actually had a row of figurefigure mitologisnya alone are also not less cool and fierce. Unfortunately, probably not many know about it.

One of them for example the Marid. This being human-shaped stump originally from the nation of jin. Marid very strong can even kill them easily. It is also known as jin the most arrogant after the devil and is said to be acceded to the request of mankind by means of special ritualsThere are still many more mythological creatures Arabia other no less cool and makes us shudder violently if they really exist. What sort of fact?
1. Karkadann
To know more clearly about the Karkadann, just imagine the rhinos combined with horses. Then imagine there is also a very long tapered horns on his head. Yup, that’s like a shadow form of Karkadaan.
This creature is said to be a destructive but also a lifesaver. With the hefty body as well as the sharp horns on the head, could be a creature that Karkadann is very damaging. However, it is said that when someone manages to break your horns and made as a Cup to drink, then the water contained inside the Horn could be the cure for all diseases.
2. Falak
Falak has physically like a snake, but its size is huge. This creature is rumored to inhabit the underworld and Central will be out later when the world will end. Falak himself reportedly had a large appetite. He can eat almost anything. One village even though.
Falak is often told as hell-beings whose job is to torture humans. One snake is also often confused with Suja’ul Aqra. In the history of this snake is told have a body size that unimaginable magnitude, and was assigned to punish humans the world over negligent in doing good.
3. Dandan
His name is indeed funny, but this one depicted mythological creatures is very creepy. Grooming, according to ancient Arab story is a fish whose size is very large. Maybe even bigger than the Pope of the age dinosaurs though. It was said that he could suck the boat as we sipped a drink.
Grooming known first appeared in the story of the thousand and one nights. In the book told about Abdullah the fisherman who alerted by a mermaid will be the danger of Grooming. It is said also if this fish is the enemy of the entire fish in the ocean.
4. Nasnas
This one depicted creatures had tremendous physical great. The form itself is like a human but has only half the members of the body. The description of the ballpark, he was the man who split in half vertically. Although only half a body, Nasnas had incredible speed. A one-time jump in with one of his legs, he could find their distance is very far away. Nasnas himself was a descendant of the jin nation called a Shikk.
5. Werehyena
Must have often heard the story of the Werewolf. Well, in Arabic there are also beings similar but different versions, his name is Werehyena. Just as a Werewolf is a creature of the Wolf that changed, Werehyena are humans who turn into hyenasHowever, the shape of the hyena Werehyena isn’t the same as usual. The mythological creature the larger body and can stand on two legs. Werehyena also known to be very brutal and relentless mercy towards anyone. It is not known how the process of changing a man into a Werehyena. However in many books tell if the creature could change your heart. Don’t wait for a full moon like a Werewolf.
6. Bahamut
The name Bahamut itself wasn’t too alien in the ear. Creatures of this one General described as the figure of the Dragon master Dragon, aka the strongest. Bahamut is also known well and like to protect. But the Arab version of Bahamut is very different from the commonly known to many people.
In Arab mythology, Bahamut is manifested as a figure of strange fish with a very large size. His head is a combination between an elephant and a rhinoceros, complete with fangs that stuck out sharply. Although the shape is different, Bahamut of Arabic version is said to have also a good Mythological creature. He served to protect this world of all things bad and disasters that occur.
7. Ifrit
7 Mythological Creature From Arabic
Never heard of Lamb of God? Yup, this creature is a demon whose head is shaped similar to a sharp horned sheep, but incorporated strapping as human beings. Well, the Ifrit itself is often described as such. He also got the robes worn by the fire behind him.
Ifrit is jin upper class whose job is to tempt man to man-together towards hell. It is said that jin is very powerful its hokey, so anyone who is weak it will easily fit into the trap. Later became his followers and ultimately will continue to accompany the creatures in hell for eternity.
Yes, if compared with the mythological creature Greece, a row of figure above there is absolutely no less spooky. But unlike the Centaur or the other almost all never proved his form, there are mythological creatures Arabia strongly believed its existence. Who else if not the Ifrit. Even the name was very familiar, although perhaps previously unknown if figure this one turns out to be mythological creatures Arabia.

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