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9 Causes of Bruising on Body Parts

9 Causes of Bruising on Body Parts – Bruise or hematoma is a type of injury to body tissues, which causes the flow of blood from the cardiovascular system settles on surrounding tissue, called a hematoma, and is not accompanied by tearing of the skin layer. Bruises caused by blunt force trauma such as collision and painless although generally harmless. Sediment blood cells in tissues and recycled then undergo phagocytosis by macrophages. Blue or purple bruises found on the result of the conversion reaction of hemoglobin into bilirubin. Further bilirubin will be converted into hemosiderin brownish.

Cause of sudden bruising:

1. Diabetes

When you find that there are spots or bruises on your skin in certain areas, it could be an indication of the early symptoms of diabetes. This happens because of the internal capillary bleeding because the blood vessels are weak. So easy bruising.



2. Sports

Another reason of the appearance of bruising is too heavy, especially sports. Because the sport will put a lot of strain on the muscles which then causes the rupture of blood vessels causing bruises. So if you love to exercise, do not be surprised if frequent bruises on your skin.



3. Aging

9 Causes of Bruising on Body Parts

When aging, the production of collagen and fat layer that protects the skin will decrease. So you became easy bruising, especially when you are above the age of 60 years.



4. Blood Disorders

Various diseases and conditions associated with the blood can lead to excessive bruising. Such as sepsis, thrombocytopenia, hemophilia, leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease, and platelet dysfunction. Blood cancer also can cause blood cell function deteriorates. It is very likely to cause bruising of the skin.



5. Consuming Drugs

Consuming some types of certain drugs it can also cause the skin to be bruised. Several types of drugs that can make you bruise is aspirin, contraceptives and steroids.



6. Purpura Dermatoses

Purpura dermatosis is a skin condition in which the blood out of tiny capillaries that make a purplish bruise will appear. In severe cases, this skin condition can also cause itching. One simple way for you to avoid this interference is to apply sunscreen every time you move out of the room.



7. Lack of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential to help heal wounds and collagen formation. Lack of vitamin C will cause your small blood vessels rupture, causing bruising.



8. Stress and Fatigue

Several things can cause blood clots. The most easy physical trauma or impact. But, do not rule out the possibility of clotting takes place due to other factors. Many people who claim to have blue spots if you’re stressed, too tired, or because of allergies. For handle it, yes reduced levels of stress or multiply any breaks.



9. Levels of Fat Down

Body fat is the body’s natural cushioning system. In people who experience drastic weight loss will be more prone to bruising that appears suddenly.

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