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All Existing in Ancient Times

All existing in ancient times

When we are thinking about the people who live the old days, maybe we would think they were primitive, backward, stupid, just not really deh grin emoticon But make no mistake, it was a lifestyle they do not much different at us now. Ancient times they already have advanced technologies such as the list below. And maybe we think the things below are a modern invention that was recently created (or not there was the fitting of antiquity). But apparently it has existed since ancient times, and many were found in the period before AD aka more than two millennia ago. Want to know what’s discovery?


The term “mall” modern sounds really a symbol of capitalism and hedonism high level. But you do not admit slang for frequent walks to the mall with a snack at McD grin emoticon, because fast food mall ama already existed since ancient Roman times, exactly 2000 years ago. Trajan Market is the first mall in the world built in 113 AD in the city of Rome and has a concept like the mall today: a large building which is criss-crossed like stalls selling a variety of needs such as clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, and even fast food restaurants. But the oldest mall in the world that still operates to this day turned out to be built by the Islamic civilization, namely the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul which was built in the 15th century.



If regular play to the mall or staying in the apartment for sure you do not already stranger whose name the elevator. It turns out the elevator has been around since the year 236 BC in Greece. Surely you ask, who is the inventor? Yups inventor who else if not a figure known for jog naked in the city center shouting “Eureka”. No, not Joko Anwar … but Archimedes.s Lift has also been commonly used in the Coliseum to haul the gladiators from the basement to the arena. But, of course, the energy source of this ancient elevators, but electricity is not pulled by human power, or a donkey.



We guaranteed goose bumps to hear the word “biological weapon” that will be used by terrorists such as viruses, bacteria anthrax, plague zombie (if any), and even video clips Kufaku band But it turns out, people in ancient times no less ruthless, even they had used biological weapons throughout history. In the 6th century BC (Yup, BC!), Forces the Assyrian empire in ancient Mesopotamia using biological weapons such as poisonous mushrooms are inserted into the wells of their enemies. In the 1346, the Mongolian army used biological weapons to throw the bodies of soldiers who died of the plague in the walls of the city they want to destroy, so that the disease was also infecting the citizens of the city. There is even a suspect, the incident was the beginning of an outbreak of the Black Death in Europe.

One of the other types of weapons of mass destruction even been known long before biological weapons are chemical weapons. Proven with the use of biological and chemical weapons at various mythologies, from the Ramayana, Mahabharata, until Hercules (narrated Hercules died after being exposed to toxins Hydra). In the 2nd century BC, the Chinese have been using a type of gas fumes of tear gas that is even more deadly than the tear gas the police use today.

Fortunately, the use of biological weapons are already prohibited in 1925 through the signing of the Geneva Protocol (despite rules that prohibit the use of weapons of mass destruction has actually been around since 400 BC the “Laws of Manu” in ancient Indian civilization). But unfortunately, the video Kufaku still freely circulating on Youtube.



Hearing the word uranium definitely in our mind immediately flashed on nuclear power. Before humans recognize nuclear power in the 20th century, of course there is no uranium mining is not it? But apparently uranium has been exploited by human long before that. At least in the year 79 AD, uranium is used as a yellow dye in ceramics. In medieval Europe, uranium is also mined in the area now known as the Czech Republic as a material for coloring stained glass. Unfortunately, not yet know whether the ancients already know the harmful effects of radiation uranium itself.



Humans already have the urge to look beautiful since 10,000 BC, evidenced by the discovery of cosmetics in those days, long before man invented the wheel. Note the use of the word “man” instead of “woman” because since ancient times, cosmetics are not just limited to use by women, but also man. It turns out they also want to look beautiful …

Egyptian civilization in 10,000 BC The first recorded use of sunblock in the world (remember the Egyptian air from the heat) uses oil cream. They also found a perfume at the same time. In the year 4000 BC, women began to carry their cosmetics in a box, like a woman today. In 3,000 BC, Chinese peoples using dye nails (nail polish) and the year 1000 BC, the Greeks used the lipstick of iron powder to redden their lips.

But the startling fact comes from the Romans around the first century AD. At this time, there was already the metrosexual. Man in big cities like Rome was used the gym (the word “gym” is derived from the word “gymnasium” and has existed since the days of ancient Greece and Rome). Not only at that time, they will go to a special salon to cut their hair fit the latest trend, even doing Menicure and pedicure.



The fact that more guaranteed to make us never thought is plastic surgery, plastic surgery also has been there since 4 thousand years ago! It turns out the origin of plastic surgery is not in Korea, but in ancient India, and has been conducted since the year 2,000 BC. In 600 BC, an Indian physician named Sushruta publishes first book which contains guidelines plastic surgery and surgery is most often done when it is rhynoplasti alias improve the shape of the nose. In fact, the first Western nation to know plastic surgery was in 1794, when a doctor is different UK saw an Indian mason (bricklayer) fix the nose of a British man who was cut when he became a prisoner of a sultan


7. The prosthetic leg

In addition to plastic surgery, one of the ancient medical science advances is a prosthetic foot. The prosthetic foot is hope for amputees to live a normal life. Although it looks like a modern invention, prosthetic body parts actually been used in Egypt since 2700 BC. In addition, the prosthetic leg of wood and copper are also found in Italy and thought to date from 300 BC. This proves that medical science is much more advanced at that time than our expectations and the rights of people with disabilities are also considered.


8. Dentist

Never go to the dentist? Surely we think if a new dentist just in modern times, because one would think, for what early humans pay attention to the beauty and cleanliness of your teeth, right? But wrong! The dentist has been around since 7000 BC alias 9 millennium ago! The proof is 9 thousand-year-old mummy of civilization Mohenjodaro – Harappa, India found the former drill on teeth, thought to have come from the results of dental care. Even alleged that the dentist is a specialist in the world. But unfortunately, all dental procedures are done without anesthesia or pain reducer that when it has not been found. Imagine patient can then complain “The pain  here” (he pointed teeth)

Trivia that is still associated ama teeth is chewing gum, which was also not a modern product, because it was discovered five thousand years ago. Ancient gum was proved to have different uses at the present time because it is not made of rubber, but tar (sap) birch is antiseptic and can kill germs in the mouth. Population ancient Aztec also use chewing gum as a breath freshener.



The first serial killer known to the public and gain popularity is Jack the Ripper in action at the end of the 19th century. But it turns out the dark side of this man had emerged long before that. The first recorded serial killer in history is Liu Pengli, a serial killer in the ancient China that killed more than 100 people in the year 200 BC. In addition, there is also the name Locusta of Gaul, a woman who was hired by the Emperor Nero from ancient Roman to kill political opponents (including their families) by poisoning them until finally executed in cold blood at 69 M.

Serial killers often kill their victims brutally by mutilation and even cannibalistic, and it is said that triggered the emergence of a werewolf and vampire legend in medieval Europe. They thought that violent deaths are acts mythical creatures such as werewolves and vampires, but most likely these cases was the work of a serial killer.


10. JAM

But it turned out to already existing congestion problems since 2000 years ago, precisely in the city of Rome. Well how come? ancient times there has been no car? Once, the city of Rome that when it became the capital of the Roman Empire with a population of up to 1 million people, so the streets crowded by humans. Not surprisingly, congestion struck downtown. Even the emperor, Julius Caesar banned the carts and horse-drawn carriages entered the city during the day. In addition, the ancient Romans also already have a traffic cop whose job it really different with traffic police today, namely traffic. Their task then is to resolve disputes that often occur between the carriage driver who fight over the road or at odds because of their trains collided. Hmmm … and I can guess, the traffic police ancient Rome was also asked extortion and bribery.


11. Drugs

Drug was unclean and not really for consumption by young people. But it turns out, humans have used drugs since thousands of years ago. The first drug use was recorded in since prehistoric times, precisely at the Palaeolithic era where early humans describe the use of natural plants are psychotropics in his cave wall.

Opium (a type of drug that can be processed into heroin) recorded use since the year 5000 BC in Sumeria. Widespread use of opium in Greece and are used by various groups, ranging from the forecasters Delphi to the ancient Olympic athletes to “doping”. Opium not only used for addiction, but also as a medicine. Starting from the Greek physician Galen (2nd century BC) to Ibn Sina, the famous Muslim physician (2nd century AD) prescribe opium to suppress the pain. While the new marijuana discovered 2,700 years ago in China.


12. Refrigerator

Maybe you think the refrigerator is a modern invention, because of course the ancients not know what it freon right? Unfortunately you are wrong. Refrigerator or even a cooling chamber has been around since 400 BC. The ancient Sumerians made the basement used to store ice during the summer. And the more astonishing location … in the middle of the desert! Lemari2 primitive ice is called “yakchal” and his legacy still exists today.

How do they keep these ES2 does not melt in the desert? Well, they coat the enclosed space with an insulating material in the form of a mixture of sand, clay, egg whites, lemon, goat hair, and ash are effective to prevent heat from entering into. In addition, to cool the ice, they use wind towers that connect to the inside of the storage room. Wind towers also they use to cool their castles through air conditioning systems are still primitive.




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