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An Avocado Every Day to Reduce Cholesterol

An Avocado Per Day To Lowers Cholesterol –  The avocado is not only delicious and nutritious, but also a well-known remedy. Since the exotic fruit has an exceptionally high proportion of fat, they had long fallen into disrepute as fattening foods. How high the fat of the avocado is, however, shows a clinical study in the Journal of the American Heart Association. From this fact, is clear that even an avocado a day is enough to have a positive impact on cholesterol values.



The Avocado – a salutary fruit

The avocado tree (Persea Americana Mill. And Persea gratissima) belongs to the laurel family and originated in southern Mexico.

The indigenous peoples in tropical and subtropical Central America used the avocado since approximately 10,000 as tasty fruit and also knew about the healing power of communication. For example, the fruit pulp of the avocado was used in the Mayan traditional medicine for wound healing.

The avocado came to Europe at the beginning of the 20th century, when people began to cultivate the exotic fruit in the Mediterranean. But it took until the so-called butter pear really found its credit here.

In Europe, avocado was a few years ago rare and primarily known from the field of cosmetics. In addition, the fruit for a long time was considered to be fattening, so it was especially avoided consistently associated with dieting. But now more and more scientific studies indicate that obese people just can benefit from the avocado which is one of the most nutritious fruits in the world.

1 avocado a day against heart disease

According to a study that was recently published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, an avocado a day stabilizes the cholesterol levels. Penny Kris-Etherton nutritionist from the Pennsylvania State University in Philadelphia examined the effect of avocados in terms of cholesterol and other cardiovascular risk factors that could lead to heart attack or stroke.

As already mentioned, avocados have a high nutrient content – about three-quarters of the calories are attributable to fatty acids. Here, however, are predominantly monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), which have a favorable effect on the health and which are known to most people especially for the olive oil.

The main monounsaturated fatty acid is oleic acid. It is particularly present in avocados, olives, nuts, canola and peanut oil and it is known to lower the level of cholesterol. The body needs these fats for metabolism and the elasticity of its cell membranes.


1 avocado a day lowers LDL cholesterol

The study included 45 healthy but overweight or obese adults from 21 to 70 years of age. They conducted over five weeks by one of the three diets.

In the first form of diet, the proportion of fats was limited during caloric intake to 24 percent; 11 percent of calories come from monounsaturated fatty acids.

For the other two diets, the fat content was 34 percent; 17 percent of calories come from monounsaturated fatty acids were fed in the diet over an avocado a day, in the other on olive oil. The result was that all three diets resulted in a decrease in the cholesterol value compared to the usual American fare.

The LDL cholesterol (also known as “bad” cholesterol) fell in the first form of diet by 7.4 mg / dl, wherein olive oil diet by 8.3 mg / dl and the avocado diet by 13 mg / dl.

The main reason is that monounsaturated fatty acids support the “good” HDL cholesterol, which ensures that the “bad” LDL cholesterol is transported from the arteries. But also with other parameters such as total cholesterol avocado diet could score.

However, the researcher also criticized that avocados still represent not an everyday food and often only for Guacamole (Mexican avocado dip) are used, which is finally not eaten every day.

Also, avocados can only be enjoyed on or with other healthy foods combined (eg. with lettuce, tomatoes, and boiled potatoes.) Protect the heart and blood vessels effectively – and not necessarily when the guacamole is only used as a dip for fat and salt-rich chips

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