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Exploring The Island of Kei

Exploring The Island of Kei, A Hidden Paradise in Southeast Maluku – You who do not know about the Kei Islands, belonging to the Kei Islands, Southeast Maluku. To get there, we have to go to Ambon city first, then to the ...

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Photographs In The Freeport!

Photographs In The Freeport! Like entering another world – PT Freeport Indonesia is an affiliate company of Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc .. PT Freeport Indonesia mining, processing and exploration of the ore containing copper, gold, and silver. Operating in the ...

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3 Instant Noodles From Indonesia

3 Instant Noodles From Indonesia Being The Best In The World – Instant noodles is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Calm down, not only the children who enjoyed instant noodles boarding as their favorite food when the ...

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Largest Island is Java According Marcopolo

Largest island is Java According Marcopolo – Indiæ Orientalis, insvlarvmqve adiacientivm typvs Abraham Ortelius, cartographer and geographic famous Belgian, once published a piece titled Indiæ Orientalist map in 1570. The map below illustrates the Southeast Asia region with the location of the ...

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6 Artists from Indonesia Owner Large Breasts

6 Artists from Indonesia Owner Large Breasts – Having large breasts is a pride for a woman. Although not all women love breasts that are too large. It is because it can attract the attention of men, especially “sex criminals are” ...

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Temple with 1000 Statues Face in Bintan

Temple with 1000 Statues Face in Bintan – Riau Islands have much tourism potential views, one of which is the island of Bintan, which is also the largest island in the Riau Islands. Location Bintan fairly strategic because it is located ...

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