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Health Insurance Plans

Group Healthcare Insurance Plans: Many people get healthcare insurance cover because their family member has insurance at work. Group insurance healthcare plans are least expensive and the most beneficial. The employer pays a part or all of the cost. Some ...

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The Indian Contract Act, 1872

This Contract Act covers the following topics: Communication, acceptance and revocation of proposals, contracts, violable contracts and void agreements, contingent contracts, certain relations resembling those created by contract, consequences of breach of contract, Sale of goods, indemnity and guarantee, bailment, ...

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The Inheritance of the Common Law

THE HAMLYN TRUST THE Hamlyn Trust came into existence under the will of the late Miss Emma Warburton Hamlyn of Torquay, who died in 1941 aged 80. She came of an old and well-known Devon family. Her father, William Bussell ...

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The Spirit of the Common Law

This book covers the following topics: The Feudal Element, Puritanism and the Law, The Courts and the Crown, The Rights of Englishmen and the Rights of Man, The Pioneers and the Law, The Philosophy of Law in the Nineteenth Century, ...

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General and Commercial Laws

  The Institute of Company Secretaries of India This book provides the basic understanding of the general and commercial laws there under, which have a bearing on the conduct of corporate affairs.

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Introduction to Civil Law Legal Systems

This note covers the following topics: What is Civil Law, Defining Elements of the Civil Law System, Trials and Rules of Procedure, Trends of Convergence Between Civil Law and Common Law Systems and Judicial Review: A Case Study in Convergence ...

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