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Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Can Damage Your Brain

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Damage The Brain – Statins can cause serious brain damage such as amnesia and dementia. The known cholesterol-lowering drug is taken to reduce blood lipid levels and thus simultaneously prevent cardiovascular disease. Although increasing evidence that statins do more harm to the heart and at the same time can have dramatic side effects, they are the so-called recommended. Experts say that almost all elderly people, take statins.




Statins are drugs to keep cholesterol levels in the frame.

Recent evidence, however, show that they are able to cause serious brain damage at the same time. These include amnesia, memory problems, paranoia and dementia.

Conventional physicians prescribe statins now not only at an elevated cholesterol levels. According to the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association, almost all seniors should take statins because they should keep cholesterol levels normal in a position to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Health damages caused by statins

Now, however, there are clear signs that the cholesterol-lowering drugs promote heart disease rather than prevent, and the list of side effects of the satin can be read on the leaflet in the package, many people do not pay attention to the side effects written there and think that if the doctor prescribed it the side effects won’t happen to me, but this way of thinking is wrong.

The intake of satins may cause liver and kidney damage; also one can even get cataracts or cancer and can also develop various other health problems.

The brain needs cholesterol

Many holistic practitioners warn that taking statins may have a massive brain damage. The organ in the human body, in which the most cholesterol is found, is the brain. Statins inhibit an enzyme called but HMG-CoA reeducates, which is required, inter alia, for the production of cholesterol. In this way, the cholesterol-lowering drugs endanger the brain, because without sufficient cholesterol it can no longer function properly. So before opting for this type of treatment one should think twice.

Statins cause brain damage

In most cases only one to ten percent of the side effects would be reported by a drug at all – the true figure is therefore most likely to be hundreds of thousands of patients whose brain has come damage from statin intake.

Among the reported side effects are included memory impairment, disorientation and depression, but amnesia, paranoia and dementia have been also caused by statins intake.

Dr. Brownstein, a holistic practitioner in US, reported that his colleague itself has experienced two amnesia and a chronic neuropathy – and as a result of statin dose.

Lower cholesterol naturally

All this seems all the more serious when you consider that drugs for lowering cholesterol levels and cardiovascular risk are completely useless in a majority of cases.

Finally, you can get through a change in diet and a few lifestyle changes itself very well to grips with both the blood lipid levels and the risk of developing cardiovascular disorders. We have written this in many of our articles but we have to point that out again. Enrich your diet with whole foods as greens, fruits and vegetables, they contain all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals which the body needs for a proper function. A proper diet and physical exercises will help you always from hospitals, diseases and you will avoid a lot of pain and will be able to have a high quality life.

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