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Do Not Make Everyone Happy

Do Not Make Everyone Happy : Of the many key to success in the world, there is one key to failure is guaranteed to be successful, namely: happy everyone (make everyone happy).
The fact is:
– You can not make everyone agree with your opinion
– You can not make everyone look through your viewpoint
– You can not behave averaged conditions / circumstances everyone as you want
– You can not meet the desires / appetites everyone
– And you can not make everyone feel what you feel
Which means you will never be happy everyone.
Then? So what?
Indirectly the above facts say that if no one is sure who hate or dislike you (haters or anything), then most likely you do not do something big / important. Does not mean you have to make someone upset or something, but notice all the people are great, the noble and high rank, artist / public figure and those who bring about change, at least they will have haters (hater) and those who always criticize everything they do.


The fact is you can’t make everybody agree with every viewpoint. That’s why arguments are pointless.

There will always be troller, haters, and those who do not like to do anything that agan, and argue with them would be useless. If you’re in that position remember:

Never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.

Arguing with a stroller / haters just like a fight with a pig in mud. You both get dirty, but the pig liked it. In other words, do not argue with an idiot, you both look stupid, but the “idiot” to enjoy it. Then if he kept bothering how? As long as it does not hurt physically and morally (still in the stage of argument) then so be it. Why? because

It’s hard to win an argument with a smart person, but it’s damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person.

Then why there is always the haters / trollers and people like that in this world? Why oh why?

Now let’s study the following two simple facts. May not be fully answered but can illustrate why this world there will always be people like that until whenever …

1. Any positive impact may also have negative impacts

Especially if these impacts affect many people (the general public), more and more people are affected you give, the less people will understand you. Everyone has a state, views, conditions, and circumstances vary.

Example: You bring a great change in the world by creating a system of communication / interaction in which everyone in the world can be connected through the computer / gadget and become a global population that we call the internet. Seen that it is very good and brings many benefits to human life, but remember almost every positive effects also had a negative impact, with increasing Internet penetration, the telecommunications business as operator telephone, telephone, until television became downs, and Internet presence a threat to their business sector. Plus it had a negative impact of mass such as cyber bullying, data theft, exploitation, identity fraud and other cyber crimes.

A possible from the viewpoint of the Internet is a very good thing, it brings a very big change because with the internet anyone can create their own opportunities and have the chance to change their fate.

But from the point of view of B, the internet generation is the generation that is worst than previous generations, social interaction increasingly bleak, people become crazy gadgets, piracy is everywhere and smartphones dumb people.

Everything depends on the way people look at things. A very simple example is like the person who created the knife. Knife in the hands of the right people can be a useful tool for cooking, chop vegetables / fruit and other kitchen needs. But the knife in the hands of the wrong person can be a tool for criminal offenses / crimes. The same thing happens when you do something (whatever it is), almost anything you do is likely to bring positive and negative effects for others.



2. Everyone has their argument

Do Not Make Everyone Happy

That’s life, everyone has their arguments about what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad, and there are some things you need to consider why the argument is immaterial.

– The arguments / opinions can trap someone

When someone opine that they must defend their opinions have pointed out, have you seen people who have been clearly wrong but maintains his opinion? Maintain their integrity, proving that they are right and others are wrong. Even when the person knows that he fixed his opinion one will defend it, why? Because of the nature of man, to defend themselves, and the desire to always be right. How does it feel if someone proves that we are wrong?

– The reason will always be there and the reason is very easily created

rationalise everything you can, and it’s easy. When someone argues either positive or negative, then they will use the excuse that fit their views and almost everything in life can be rationalized logically with ease. We have seen the debate and the argument about the President Jokowi, why President Jokowi is a change for the betterment of Indonesian carrier or carrier for the destruction of Indonesia, and the funny thing is both sides (either positive or negative) can be explained logically. For some people maybe a little opinion and reasons (to back up the opinion) was enough to be accepted as fact.

– People are not against you, they are for Themselves

When a person feels offended (offended) because of what you do, does not mean they are right and you are wrong. Back again on points at the beginning that you can not make everyone agree with your point of view. Each person has a condition / situation of each is certainly different from the current one, and everyone fighting for him respectively. If what you are doing indirectly interfere or threaten the state / condition they then surely they would hate / against you. So it is with you, when we feel threatened (insecure) we certainly would indirectly against the threat. Just remember, people are not against you, they are for Themselves, perhaps what you do not directly impact / disruption for others.



What can we learn from the above facts are:

– Whatever you do there will always be people who do not like it (do not be happy everyone)
– Do not spend your time to argue, remember that many things are more important than winning an argument (winning the argument is immaterial)
– The argument won through actions rather than words (talk less, do more)

Arguing over even the logic of the argument will never settle the debate. To settle the debate only “action” was the way out.

A simple example, once people are not sure if an online business shop can run in Indonesia, whether this business can thrive, with many scams and so on. But look at the reality now, with the number of e-commerce that already exist, there is no longer debate whether online shop can run or not. The act of completing everything. As well as various other debates. Winning the argument is of no use, when the argument has reached a certain point, the discussion / debate has been of no use.

When you get caught up in arguments, do not prove that you are right and others wrong, act immediately. When people doubt that you will not successfully start your own business, do not spend time trying to convince others that you can, act immediately and start your own business.

Maybe you’re right, maybe you’re wrong. Most important is the debate has ended. Now, move !! Immediately act.

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