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Dragon incarnation in the Real World

Dragon incarnation in the Real World


Ever watch cool animated film entitled How To Train Your Dragon? It must be nice once so that in the real world actually exists a real dragon. We no longer need a car or plane because it already has them as a means of transportation, and certainly there are dragons mighty contest which will be held later. Unfortunately, until whenever the dragon is just a mythological creature whose existence will only exist in the movies. Is that true? Hmm, was not so pretty.

Yes, of course, is not a dragon that can fly or have a very large size of it. There are quite a lot of animals that could be considered the representation of a dragon in the real world. They did have the characteristics of a dragon which symbolizes elegance. Animals What then? Here’s his review.

1. Bearded Dragon

If only Bearded Dragon wings and exhale fire, the dragon is no longer a mythological creature. Yup, the animals in the world that is arguably the most like a dragon may only animals on this one. Bearded Dragon or often referred also to the physical dragon Pogona indeed have perfect. Elongated body like a lizard in general with a triangle head shape is very similar to a dragon. Not to mention he has the ability to develop the bottom of his chin. Make Bearded Dragon looks more cool. There are 8 types of Bearded Dragon and all in Australia. Not only cool in appearance, this animal also has the capacity should not be underestimated. First, Pogona are animals that can develop intuitive abilities. These animals can map the movement is doing, and when there is a threat or prey, he would improvise. Bearded Dragon is arguably intelligent lizards.

As spelled out earlier, this animal also has a mechanism to develop the bottom of his chin. Well, unique facts about the chin is found to be used as a medium for storing heat. The color can even vary according to ambient conditions. Large beard is also used to scare off anyone who tried to disrupt it. Bearded Dragon is very popular among hobbyists. The reason may have you understand it well.


2. Pink Dragon Milipede


In class diplopoda there is also the animal that represents a degree dragon, his name is Pink Dragon Milipade. As the name suggests, this is a kind of centipede, but had a pink body color is very bright. These animals are found in the forests of Southeast Asia and is often referred to as Paranota. The size of these animals is only 3 centimeters. Even so, that does not mean he is not dangerous. Her pink body itself contains hydrogen cyanide which is very dangerous. Not to mention the animal itself can have no less toxic.

Another reason why this animal is called dragon scales standing along its body. Very symmetrical and neat like rough scales on a dragon’s back.


3. Flying Dragon

If the lizard Pogona is most similar to the dragon, the Flying Dragon is the most similar to the animal’s ability to mythology. Absolutely, this animal can really fly. Although not fly constant as depicted in films. Flying Dragon or who had little name Draco’s got some sort of half-moon-shaped wings on the side of his body. The way of flying was unique. He could not fly vertically like a bird. Draco needed a high spot to maneuver cool it. This uniqueness itself is used for hunting, as well as to avoid predators. Flying Dragon commonly found in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia.

One more great ability is the dragon fly. He can be camouflaged with the surrounding environment. So you’re not going to be easy to catch. In addition to good fly, he could also make you fooled.


4. Dragonets

In fairy tales, the dragon is not always represented by land or air. Water also is a place where the dragon is located. Well, in the real world there is also a version of the water dragon. This animal was named dragonets called latin Callionymidae. The apparition of these fish are so pretty. He has a body that is not too big, but the fins on the side, top and rear big enough. The color itself is very attractive that combined blue bright yellow hue. Researchers also have found even red color variants. Uniquely, the unique body color pigments can also make it glow in the dark.

The body with exotic color display is very useful to make these animals safe from predators. In addition he has a defense mechanism that is mucus that bind her.


5. Dragonsnake

Ever wonder how the dragon combined with a snake? It may be the result of cross breeding will produce Dragonsnake or often called this mud snake. Yup, snakes this one does have the characteristics of a dragon on his body. Although the elongated body, but he had scales firmly on his body. This snake was very lucky happened to have regions spread in Indonesia and Malaysia. So you can see these beautiful creatures at any time. Especially if you are in the middle of rice fields or woods. Dragonsnake quite venomous, though not very toxic.

These animals can be elongated up to 60 centimeters at most. Dragonsnake category alias nocturnal animals are active at night. Its main food is small frogs and lizards.


6. Seadragon

Besides dragonets, there is another one with the nickname dragon creature in the water area. Even the name itself represents the place. Yup, this animal called Seadragon. Just like dragonets, Seadragon is fish. He is a cousin of the horse nearest the ocean, but it has a much more graceful stature. Judging from the color of the body, Seadragon has several variants. There are red, bright yellow, and blue. This animal is not dangerous. Seadragon actually very shy and very hard to find. It was equipped with a tassel on his body. Well, part of the body that he used to fool predators. He used camouflaged by coral reefs and sea grass.


7. Komodo Dragon

Discussing animal dragon incarnation is not complete without a mention of Komodo. True, these animals also one representation of a dragon in the real world, though more like a dinosaur. You who have been going to the island of Komodo or zoo, probably already know how cool this venomous animals. Statistically Komodo can grow up to 3 meters and weigh about 70 kilograms. In the wild he finished standings food chain with hunting deer and other mammals. Although impressed sluggish, Komodo can run very fast, you know. These animals are also provided with saliva that another name of saliva, not saliva containing saliva but that dragons saliva (saliva) contains a lot of bacteria that cause infection victims, and it is not toxic.

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