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Future of the Earth When The Sun Evolved

Future of the Earth When The Sun Evolved – Climate change and global warming is happening lately become one of the very significant effect in changing conditions of the Earth for decades and centuries to come. But want to know about the fate of our beloved Earth is gradually warming if occurs when the Sun towards the end of his life as a tiny white star? Yes Earth can not survive, or perhaps at that time will be the end of planet Earth life?

Future of the Earth When The Sun Evolved

Billions of years from now, the Sun will expand into a red giant star. Later, when the time comes, the sun will expand and swallow the Earth’s orbit. What can the Earth be swallowed up by the Sun as well as Venus and Mercury are affected first? This question has been a long discussion among astronomers. Will life on Earth remains there when the sun becomes big then finally into a small white star?

Based on calculations performed K.-P. Schröder and Robert Connon Smith, when the Sun becomes a red giant, its equatorial even exceed the distance of Mars. Thus, the entire planet in our Solar System will be swallowed up at the sun. Later will come a time when an increase in the flux of the Sun which also increases the average temperature on Earth to the level that is not possible biological mechanisms and other mechanisms of resistance to the extreme conditions.

Later, when the Sun enters the final stages of the evolution of life, the sun is going to experience a loss of large masses through the Wind Star. And when the sun grows (enlarged in size), the Sun will lose mass so that the planets revolving around moving spiral out of orbit. The question is how the Earth? Will the Sun that are expanding it to take over the planets moving spiral including our planet, or can the Earth and Venus may also get away from the threat?

The calculations were done by K.-P Schroder and Robert Cannon Smith proves that if it arrives when the Sun becomes a red giant star at the age of 7.59 billion years, the Sun will begin to lose mass. The sun at the time it will expand and have a radius 256 times the current radius and the mass will be reduced to 67% of its mass now. When inflated, the Sun will eat the inner Solar System depleted very quickly, “only” in 5 million years after that he will go straight into the helium burning stage, which will also take place very quickly, “only” about 130 million years. The sun will continue to grow beyond the orbit of Mercury and then Venus. Well, when the Sun will approach the Earth, it will lose mass of 4.9 x 1020 tonnes per year (equivalent to 8% of the mass of Earth). Are really fast?

After reaching the final stage as the Red Giant, the Sun will scatter the sheath and the core of the Sun will shrink (like boils approximately) About the size of Earth into an object that contains half the mass of the Sun has ever had. At that time, and finally the Sun has become a small white star. The star later at first very hot with temperatures of more than 100 thousand degrees but without nuclear energy (when the sun earlier there), and it will be cooled by the passage of time along with the rest of the planets and asteroids that still surrounds it certainly planets circling going cold.


Livable Zone

Currently the Earth is in the habitable zone / habitable zone in the Solar System. Livable or habitable zone is an area close to the star where planets are there to have liquid water on its surface with an average temperature that support life (surely you understand). In the calculations performed Schroder and Smith, the temperature of our planet can be very extreme and not convenient to continue living, but the main requirement is a habitable zone where liquid water, imagine if all the water evaporates, without rain?

Can not be denied again, if the sun so the Red Giant, the habitable zone will disappear very quickly. As the sun beyond the orbit of the Earth within a few million years, it will evaporate the Earth’s oceans and solar radiation will destroy the hydrogen from water. At that time the Earth no longer had oceans. Well when the Earth is no longer in the habitable area, how dong at life in it? What perhaps humans can survive or perhaps adapt to the new conditions? Or maybe that’s the end of the journey planet Earth?

Interestingly, even though the Earth is no longer in the habitable zone, the other planets outside the Earth will enter in the habitable zone of Sun’s new and they will turn into a habitable planet. The new habitable zone of sun will be in the range SA 49.4 – 71.4 SA. This means the area will include also the Kuiper Belt area, and the world of ice that exist there today will melt (If ts guess hell like the planet Saturn). Thus the objects around Pluto include previously containing ice now actually have water in liquid form needed to support life. It could even be Eris that will foster new life and become a new home for life.

How is the Earth?

Is this the end of the journey of our beloved planet Earth? What may also Earth be saved? Based on the calculation of the Earth Schroder and Smith will not be able to save themselves. Even though Earth’s orbit expands 50% of the orbit that now he still does not have a chance to survive. Which are expanding sun will engulf the Earth before he reached the limit of the end of a red giant. After swallowing the Earth, the Sun will expand 0.25 SA again and still have time to 500 thousand years to continue to grow.

Earth hugged tightly together when the sun, the Earth will enter into the Sun’s atmosphere. At that moment the Earth will collide with particles of gas are malignant. Earth’s orbit will shrink and will move into a spiral. That’s the end of the journey of the Earth according to studies and calculations Schroder and Smith.

If we allowed a little suppose ya, How the heck do I save the Earth? So Look, when the Earth is at a distance of 1:15 SA (currently 1 SA), the earth could be saved from the Sun development. How could take the Earth into a position that ?? Although it looks like the story of the film a science fiction movie, but scientists Schroder and Smith believes the future if the technology can look for ways to increase the speed of the Earth in order to move spiral out from the Sun toward the point of the survivors.

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