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Goods Unique Useless A Lot

Goods Unique Useless A Lot – Ever see the items below? Even though in retrospect, its usefulness is not too much. But because these goods are very UNIQUE, I am sure you all inclusive I definitely want to have these items.

A mini desk hammock for your feet


A frying pan that you can cook two things in


Egg molds that make your eggs look like sports balls


A panda toast mold


An Oreo dipping spoon


“Re-String It”


A guitar bell that lets people know you’ve entered the room


A pancake 3D printer


A mini fridge for your desk


A door lock you control with your smartphone


An elephant dish drainer


A fan that blows under your blanket


Salt and pepper shakers that are shaped like magic wands


A rolling pin that lets you decorate your cookies


Brain ice molds


A manatee tea infuser


A flask that you’re able to sneak to the beach


An ironing board that doubles as a mirror

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