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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, a tourist destination in the most leaden

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, a tourist destination in the most leaden

Thursday yesterday (6/8/2015) is warning the 70 years of the tragedy of Hiroshima.
A town in Japan that an atomic bombed and uproot the lives of 140 thousand people during World War II.
But now, there is a wisdom behind it all.
Let’s remember back on the history of the world.
Back to August 5, 1945, when American troops Allied aircraft, Flying B-29 Superfortress flying over Sakura.
The aircraft carrying the ‘ Little Boy ‘, the name of the nuclear bomb with a length of 3 meters, width 71 cm, and weighs 4,000 kg capable of unleashing the power of the equivalent of 12,500 tons of TNT dynamite.

Little Boy

At around 08:15, ‘ Little Boy ‘ dropped right on top of the hospital that instantly make Hiroshima look like a Flash of light.
Later, the explosion meluluhlantahkan everyone and buildings there.
Recorded, 140 thousand people died.

B-29 Flying SuperFortress shortly after dropped “Little Boy”
Now all those stories, heritage objects that still exist since her explosives to blast the film-documentary, film and video stored at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.
The Museum became a part of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park which is located right in the heart of the city of Hiroshima.

History of the Hiroshima bomb in fact become dark sorrow to the world.
Hiroshima has many nicknames, like “Dark Tourism Destination” to “War Tourism Destination”.
Each year, celebrated the Hiroshima bomb warning.
Not only was attended by local people, but also a tourist arriving from parts of any country willing to come there.
They want to see how the horror of the atomic bomb blast at the same time pray for victims who died.

But as it turns out, there is a wisdom behind the Hiroshima bomb.
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park which is a historic place, becoming tourist destinations frequently visited by foreign tourists from all over the world.
The fact of mentioning the 234.360 tourists come there in 2014, which means tourist there is increased 100 percent compared to three years ago.

Miniature Illustration of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima




Documentary photographs of Hiroshima bomb

“The name of Hiroshima has been the history of the world. Those who came here, telling his friend and lyrics directly to the atmosphere became a strong influence. In fact, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum two years in a row entering the list of TripAdvisor as the most visited place, “said Taeko Abe Hiroshima, representatives from the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

There is another interesting story from Peter Kuznick, a Director of the Nuclear Studies Institute at American University American who likes to invite his protégé to the children of Hiroshima for at least the last two years. Hiroshima, he calls the place a real nuclear learning that could be dangerous if made into a weapon of war.

“Hiroshima is a real example to explain theories about the power of the atomic bomb and simultaneously provide the proof. Hiroshima once upon a time was a peaceful town but has become a hell, “he said.

Bruce Blair, President of the Global Zero which is the Elimination of nuclear weapons be adopted also war talk. Whatever the reason is, nuclear weapons are a very dangerous weapons in the world and more dangerous again if there are on hand.

“Hiroshima is the only place in the world to be a real example of a nuclear bomb,” he said.
Once again, there is certainly the wisdom behind such a disaster.
Though leaving profound grief,
Hiroshima is now a place of humans learn to better appreciate and cherish the life of another human being.
Tourist visits are not breaking up there, in memory of the most terrible tragedies in the world.

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