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Homes Made of Objects That Do Not Make Sense

Homes Made of Objects That Do Not Make Sense

Homes Made of Objects That Do Not Make Sense – The residence is an urgent need in addition to clothing, as to have a place to shelter at least be able to protect people from exposure to the weather that is currently hard to predict. But to get a place to stay was not easy, especially building with expensive materials prices.

But the man who has a sense, always possess a creative and innovative ways to overcome these problems. Here are 10 Houses are made of objects that are not Make Sense:

1. Lego house

Who does not know Lego? It seems like everyone knows this toy. James May, BBC Top Gear presenter, has built two homes were made uninhabitable by humans.

Although the house has full facilities, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, but it was too risky to live because the building is made of over three million pieces of Lego are arranged in such a way.

James compiled lego as high as 20 feet at Denbies Wine Estate, the area of ​​Dorking, England assisted by 1,000 volunteers. At that time he thought there would be someone or collectors who are interested to buy the legonya work.

But he had to face permitting the use of Lego as a home building. Due to the massive use of plastics in the UK requires a fairly complicated legal. May have to deal with a big thing, the maker of lego and may otherwise not have permission and the right to use their products for commercial purposes. May was then banned for not using lego.

Finally the artistic value of the building has to be demolished, in addition lego thorny issues, also no one wants to buy the building lego.


2. Corn House

The building houses this one is really a model of it, so it can not be occupied by anyone. Framework and foundation of the building is made of wood packed corn cobs. The building was created as a friendly home environment with low costs, and one using corn as basic material.

However the risks that must be faced is the rain and wind on the surface of the wall of the building. But the advantage of this building, the owner can renew the walls of his house with a newer corn so the color is more fresh.


3. Salt Hotel

At one time salt was a rare food ingredients in Europe, even in a state of salt used to pay the wages of the soldiers.

While the uniqueness of the case in Bolivia, there is a kind of salt is not used as raw material for cooking because it does not have the taste and other chemical substances. And is inspired to serve as the base material of building a hotel. This unique building material can be found in the Salar de Uyuni in the western part of Bolivia.

However, the use of salt is not 100% because it is combined with other materials such as brick, and salt functioned as an adhesive and reinforcing the building in addition to the floor.


4. Bone Mamut Home

Building materials this one is probably the most expensive, in addition to already scarce and if there is a price must be very expensive and must obtain licenses complicated.

Because the building this one is the legacy of our predecessors, a shelter made of the bones of ancient elephant (mammoth). Bones of large size are arranged in such a way then given a roof, to form a shelter.

The building can still be encountered in various museums in Europe and America, and one of them a diorama at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.


5. Home Newspapers

In 1922 Elis Stenman began to build a house using paper as basic material. Unless the building frame made of wood, he used a rolled-up newspapers and varnished as walls.

Newspaper adhesion providing strong walls while the varnish makes it durable wall. Besides made of newspapers which he collected, Elis newspaper also received donations from some friends and people who want to help.


6. Home Plastic Bottles

Recycles materials that can not be decomposed naturally is currently intensively conducted by lovers and environmentalists, in addition to being an alternative material can also prevent further damage to the ecology. Being alternative materials because it is cheap and easy to obtain, such as beverage bottles. As in Taiwan, there is an exhibition space of the building material made from the composition of bottles.

While in the third world countries, some people must have shelter made of metal materials were rusty and it is not healthy. While using the composition of bottles (already cleaned) indoor air can circulate quickly, and incoming light can be arranged, especially can enjoy the beauty of the light from the sunlight that penetrates the colorful bottles.


7. Home Fossil Wood

Wood is the oldest building basic materials used by humans. Strong, flexible, can be modified and cheap, is the excess and we have to give a thumbs up to our ancestors who introduced it. Well it turns out there is wood that touted the power and beauty of the wood exceeds the ordinary, ie timber which has been the (fossil). The older age of the wood fossil, the more hard and durable, and at this time the material has been used to build a home that is simple and beautiful.

Meanwhile in Lamar, Colorado, United States, there is a car shop made of petrified wood. Later in Glen, Texas, there is a house built in the fossil 1920’an, because the place is often found incidentally petrified wood.


8. Home Used Tires

Millions of vehicle tires are made of rubber thrown away every year, there are burned or recycled. But there is also using old tires as the basic ingredients to make a home. Tires are arranged in such a way that has the strength and toughness, so it is good to be used as a wall of the house.

And rubber is a material which rapidly absorbs heat, hot and cold, so that the air in the room that houses the tire will be stable. And for those who do not like the color or smell, the walls can be covered by plaster or other wall paper.


9. Home Aircraft

There is a house that uses the structure of a building such as water towers, railroad cars or car. Well house this one is quite different, and it seems hard to get that from an airplane carcasses.

Certainly interesting, because in addition to having an interior that is comfortable enough to rest, the exterior also has a certain beauty in addition to withstand exposure to weather. Other parts of the aircraft other than a seat, wheelhouse and kitchen, the trunk can be used as backup storage space food and household appliances.


10. Temple Buddhist From Beer Bottles

The latter is different from the fourth list above because it is a building which used to crowds and worship. Wat Pa Maha Chedi there is a Buddhist temple in Thailand, but what makes it unique is the mosaic wall made from the composition of beer bottles.

In addition to making a mosaic, this bottle wall at any time can provide a beautiful light in the temple. The bhiku who built this temple hopes that other people can take advantage of second-hand goods that are still useful. Especially of goods they buy as bottled drinks and so on.

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