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How to Choose The Right Business Partner

Honestly, if anyone asked me in the workshop when I was sharing my entrepreneurship journey for almost 9 years, I am still confused to answer. Why? Because finding a business partner is the same as looking for a life partner. Number one, most importantly it is CHEMISTRY (connected or not connected)

A somewhat different when looking for a life partner, usually we are interested in the same outer appearance first. And this is humane. If anyone said to me, “I was looking for a girlfriend who is fine, no need to handsome/beautiful“. This seems somewhat redundant, Because how can you tell he is good when you don’t approach him from the start because she is attractive in your eyes? Except if it is the transition from a friend-zone (formerly been friends) continues to move the bow so the girlfriend. Anyway, if you are looking for a business partner, the appearance is usually not flashed to mind at all.
So what to look for when searching for a business partner? As always, I can not share the theory because I am a practitioner. So I will write here is based on my experience from having 6 companies with different business partners:
1. Should uphold the same values.
The importance of this approach if the language pacarannya. You should know whether your prospective business partner is equal to or does not value his life. E.g.Agan is holding fast to his integrity, do not partner with people that often justifies all means. If you are not greedy, not partnering with people who always want to win your own and greedy.
2. Purpose and Intent the same business
If you want to start a business this e.g for I’ll be hiring local people to local(empowerment), then don’t partner with people who only think of for rich Kingdomsolely. If your business goals for I’ll be solving a problem that exists in the environment, then do not partner with people who want to solve a global problem.
3. Should complement each other.
If you‘re good at marketing, don’t look for a business partner who is also just good atmarketing. Try searching for business partners who might be good at sales or inaccounting. So did the opposite.
4. Have the same commitment.
It would be very difficult for you to be able to develop your business if it’s just a passion, while the nda partner your business casual-chill out. His contribution must be the same. It’s not that if you devote 10 hours a day, he also had to be so. It is not. Depending on the initial deal, especially if e.g. She’s got the funds, you are in charge of running the business. He may not need the same amount of business jalanin hour with you, it may be only a 1 time a week or ketemuan 2 times enough; Depending on the initial agreement. But he should be fit for its money early commitment setor as well. The bottom line, holding fast to the initial agreements when deciding to partner.
I have a business partner who is greedy, I have a business partner that is very notcalculation, I have a business partner who had a tremendous desire in learning, I havea business partner who’ve advanced in the industrial business we get into, I have abusiness partner who had a very high social value, I had a business partner Justin, I have a business partner that his thoughts are sometimes still childish I had a business partner emosian, I have a business partner that is rich in wonderful, I have a business partner that is simple, I have a business partner who is very well known, and so on.


From sweet and bitter experience in having a diverse business partners this is why I said, the most important thing is to have a business partner that meets the above criteria. May be useful.

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