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Lecture Notes On The Introduction To Private or Civil Law

Topics Covered are: Introduction to private or civil law, The private law � public law dichotomy, The basic structure of private or civil law, Sources of private law, Relationship with other branches and fields of law.

Riga Graduate School of Law

Established in 1998, the Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL) has emerged as a leading legal education and research institute in the Baltic region. RGSL offers numerous study programmes in the area of International and European Law at bachelor and master’s level and is in the process of establishing a doctoral programme. The School enjoys the support of important international donors and cooperates closely with the University of Latvia, which is the major shareholder. In addition to its growing resident faculty, RGSL also benefits from the cooperation with a large number of eminent scholars and practitioners based elsewhere in Europe an overseas. The School is located in the Art Nouveau district of Riga and hosts an outstanding law library.
A primary objective of RGSL is to contribute to the development of Latvia and the wider region by educating new generations of motivated and highly skilled young scholars and professionals capable of facilitating the on-going process of European integration. Research and education in the area of international and European law are integral to the realisation of this objective.
The present series of Research Papers documents the broad range of innovative scholarly work undertaken by RGSL academic staff, students, guest lecturers and visiting scholars.

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