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Life is “A Problem”

“Life is a problem”. I think the expression is not foreign in your ear. That life is a series of “problems” that inevitably we have to face and solve. Responding to the above expression, did you really think not just assume a mere expression? Think how and the problem solving process that may approach your life? Undeniably, sometimes just the word “confused, disoriented and confused” should start from where to escape and solve the problems that come up in your life.


To understand more about the programming algorithm, of course, it takes a special moment and to the extent that special anyway. Because the algorithm is not a matter that can be understood and understood only by reading, but with practice and supervision must be special people who are experts in that field. In the world of higher education, particularly the faculty of engineering and computer science, algorithms become fundamental subjects for potential programmers.


Algorithm IS:

In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm is a step-by-step for calculation. The algorithm used for the calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning.

The algorithm is an effective method expressed as a finite series of instructions that have been defined to compute a function. Starting from an initial condition and input the initial (possibly empty), these instructions describe a computation that, when executed, processed through a sequence of conditions limited well-defined, which in turn produce “output” (output) and stops at the condition end. Transition from one condition to the next should not be deterministic; some algorithms, known as randomization algorithm, using random input. (Wikipedia).

Algorithm IS:

1. The sequence of steps to solve the problem
2. The logical sequence of decision-making to solve the problem
sequence of logical steps, then the algorithm must follow a certain order, should not be skipping.
3. The flow of thought in completing a job that is put in writing.
train of thought, which means one can be different algorithm from the algorithm of others.
written, which means it can be a sentence, an image, or a specific table.
4. In the computer field, the algorithm is indispensable in solving various problems of programming, especially in numerical computing. Without a well-designed algorithm, the programming process will be wrong, damaged, or slow and inefficient.
Algorithms needed to govern computer take certain steps to resolve the issue (zonapanda)


Example algorithm:

A procedure when it will send a letter to a friend:

1. Write a letter on a piece of paper mail.
2. Take the cover letter or envelope.
3. Insert the letter into the envelope.
4. Close the envelope with glue.
5. Write a reply destination mail address, if no recall, first grab the address book and find that the destination address, and write address TSB pd envelope.
6. Stick a stamp on an envelope.
7. Bring the letter to the post office delivered pd For postal workers or heading to the mailbox to post a letter to smb box / mailbox.


Life is A Problem



Because the algorithm is a sequence of procedures (informal definition), then try to sort things what you have to prepare in solving a problem or achieve a dream.
In my opinion, the first thing to do is “introspection”. How important introspection, analyze before acting. Because everything starts from ourselves gan. Do not necessarily blame this and that and so forth, while we are not aware of what we have done with the consequences.

When you approached a problem, think ..! Began to develop procedures and strategies to escape and finish. Do not be controlled by the word “confused” and ends you surrender helplessly to issue up to you. Do not dissolve in confusion troubled, because basically life is the “problem”, but that does not mean we lose then surrendered. Masi many roads lead to Rome. If you want to move on, and sure, there will always be the way to solve it.

When you have a dream, move to achieve those dreams with every order of a strategy that you have prepared. Do not just shut up and daydream while just sit without action. Including achieve your dreams of true love .. hahahhaha

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