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Little Beds Extend Age

Little Beds Extend Age – Who among us doesn’t like to sleep? Surely all of them like to sleep, let alone done when conditions are tired because of the afternoon doing a variety of activities. May we assume that sleeping for eight hours a day is the ideal bed for a portion of the rest of the body. But actually how long bedtime is best for health?
Research recently explained, that sleep for 8 hours or more if done as a routine turns out can shorten life. A study conducted to more than one million people who sleep for at least 8 hours a day, indicating they died at a younger age than their peers who slept with a span of a little more. Those who slept 6 hours a day, according to research can live longer.
Credit Simen Grytoyr for the International Herald Tribune

Credit Simen Grytoyr for the International Herald Tribune

Scientists at the University of California shows the relationship between the periods of sleep and death rates are high. However, the research team has not managed to get a response relationship behind them. Sleeping 6 or 7 hours a day is long enough. Time or hours of sleep that is actually most ideal needed by the body i.e., sleep at night, awake to taste to taste and take little time to sleep during the day.
A number of the research States that a heart attack is generally comes after the morning until sunrise. We thus understand the wisdom behind why the Prophet forbade sleeping after Fajr and teaches us to skip the morning with Dhikr, and reading the Quran.
There’s more to other research tells us that wakes up in the middle of the night it was beneficial to health, especially for the heart. Sleep would undermine and harm the heart. The heart of the sometimes lack of oxygen due to sleep too long, and therefore scientists says:
Wake up in the night, even though only one time, it is beneficial for the heart to supply adequate oxygen supply and to avoid sudden death.

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