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Lydia Sebastian Smarter Than Einstein

Lydia Sebastian Mensa Smarter Than Einstein

A girl of 12 years is considered more intelligent than Einstein because it managed to obtain a perfect grab IQ score, 162. This value is obtained by Lydia Sebastian, the name of the girl, through a Mensa IQ test which he said “easy.”

Girl from Langham in East Anglia, England took the Mensa test famous during school holidays, and was surprised to find she had received the highest score on the possibility of Mensa IQ test.

As reported by Colchester Gazette, he admitted he was a test that he lived “much easier than I expected.”

Mensa is the oldest in the world intelligence community, and membership is limited only to those who have a high IQ test scores. Generally, those who have the higher the score of 132 or more are eligible to become a member of Mensa.

In the UK, members pay 55 pounds (about 1.2 million) per year to be associated with other smart people, through meetings, conferences and interest groups.

Lydia, who has just entered the second year in Colchester County High School for Girls, tested the ability of language and sense of logic, the examination hall in London Birkbeck College were mostly filled with people who are much older.

Lydia’s father, Arun, said he was “overwhelmed” when her daughter got the highest score on the test, and said that the girl has long wanted to take the test for over a year.

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