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Medicinal Herbs For High Blood Pressure

Medicinal Herbs For High Blood Pressure – High blood pressure or hypertension is expanding and as a clinical picture continues and remain unexplored in many cases. Stress, poor diet, and many other circumstances of our fast-moving times are often listed as causes. But there are often many causes still in the dark. We would like to introduce some of the possible causes of hypertension and some herbs that lower blood pressure.

Many concerned people already feel symptoms such as headache or dizziness in the morning, but this can be much unnoticed and take any investigation of a physician to complete. However, a high blood pressure can be a life-threatening illness and in the worst case, even end in death. Mostly it hits middle-aged people, especially men of which are endangered. High blood pressure cannot be attributed only to an unhealthy lifestyle, obesity or high stress; hereditary systems also have to be taken into account here, too. If hypertension is not detected and treated over the years, it can damage the heart and the coronary vessels and thus in the worst case to a heart attack or a stroke.

High blood pressure lowering with herbs

There are various forms of hypertension, the mild and severe hypertension, which not everyone higher value, when measuring blood pressure equal than severe hypertension, should be seen. Dangerous for the person concerned, it is at a value 180 to 110 mm Hg. For values of 140 to 90 mm Hg and 159/99 mm Hg, is called a mild hypertension. In both cases, the medical advice of a doctor is absolutely required. However, if you already found the first symptoms in yourself or just want to protect your body from high blood pressure with the power of herbs definitely you are on the right track.

What herbs help with high blood pressure?

Specially recommended for the treatment and reduce high blood pressure is the hawthorn, it is already for sale in tablet form in many drug stores and pharmacies. Those who want to establish their own treatment pour over about a teaspoon of hawthorn leaves and flowers with 250 ml of hot water and let the tea mixture infuse about 10 minutes. The hawthorn has the property to support the oxygen utilization of the coronary vessels and thus to improve. This in turn strengthens the heart muscle and provides a uniform blood pressure. The vessels in the head, hands and feet expand and provide thus for a lower blood pressure. People should drink hawthorn tea at least 2 – 3 times a day.

1. Mistletoe

Another salutary plant for treating high blood pressure is the mistletoe. It works particularly at slightly elevated blood pressure, which is often accompanied by headache, dizziness, circulation problems, irritability or heart problems. Again, particularly a tea mixture of one teaspoon of mistletoe leaves and 250 ml of water recommended, but the cold brewed and up to 8 – should take 10 hours. The cold blended tea should be drunk at least twice a day.

2. Garlic

The garlic is also an important tool. Their consumption dilates blood vessels, thus ensuring the reduction of blood pressure. People should therefore 3 – take 4 raw cloves to be an optimal effect on the high blood pressure.

Medicinal Herbs For High Blood Pressure

Medicinal Herbs For High Blood Pressure

Tea mix

A healthy start of the day brings this special tea blend of hawthorn, mistletoe and arable box helmet and lemon balm. The hawthorn leaves and flowers thereby lower the blood pressure when the balm calms the heart. The attached arable helmet box drains the kidney and supplies the body with essential minerals. The tea mixture should be made the evening before. To this end, take a teaspoon of the herbal mixture and pour it with 250 ml of hot water. The tea should then sit overnight and in the morning, can be heated briefly enjoyed.


Those, who suffer from high blood pressure or establishing the first symptoms, should definitely pay attention to sufficient relaxation, as well as a high-stress level can, in the long run, have dire consequences. First, you should check for enough movement, but also a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is highly recommended. If you follow these rules can also get high blood pressure under control easily and permanently increase their own quality of life.

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