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Motherwort A Miracle Herb

Motherwort A Miracle Herb – Motherwort is a diuretic and carminative, reduces intestinal colic, relieves headaches and improves sleep.

There are two species of motherwort – Motherwort heart and fluffy (five-blade) – are valuable medicinal plants and are widely used both in traditional and in scientific medicine as a sedative, similar preparations of valerian, as well as an effective agent for the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease without causing side effects. Motherwort is also used to treat epilepsy, ‘Graves’ disease, thrombosis, gastrointestinal diseases.

Useful properties of motherwort

Motherwort has long been established as a plant to heal many ailments and has beneficial effects on the immune system. In science and medicine and cosmetics are used motherwort grass and leaves and rhizomes of this plant.

Motherwort herb contains several alkaloids. It is bitter and leonurin, stahidrin, saponins. Alkaloids – are substances of plant origin, which include nitrogen. They have the ability to combine with acids and form salts. Alkaloids are characterized by a very significant impact on a number of body functions.

In folk medicine motherwort is best known as a tool, which is used to treat diseases and disorders of the nervous system: neurosis, climacteric neurosis, epilepsy, hysterical seizures, cardiovascular neurosis character. It is widely used and also to lower blood pressure, as a means of relieving spasms of cerebral vessels and a diuretic agent, strengthens very well the nervous system.

Motherwort is also used for the treatment of gynecological disorders: in the menstrual cycle, dysmenorrhea and painful bleeding. In addition to flowers and leaves, in folk medicine is used fresh juice of motherwort, often as a sedative. Motherwort juice is far more valuable healing tool, since it contains approximately 7-10 times more biologically active substances than in decoctions and infusions from the same plant. Therefore, the treatment with freshly prepared juice of this plant is sometimes a lot faster and more successfully than other means of treatment.

Very healing and restorative effect on the nervous system have medicinal baths of motherwort herb. They can include infusion, decoction or liquid extract and the same preparations made from a mixture of motherwort with other medicinal plants. Typically for treatment of diseases associated with functional disorders of the nervous system, applied indifferent bath (water temperature 33-35 ° C) and hot baths (water temperature 36-40 ° C).

Short baths made with motherwort grass are recommended by doctors and traditional healers to those suffering from high blood pressure, chronic headaches, heart rhythm disturbances, narrowing of the coronary vessels, persistent sleep problems. Due to the effects of the alkaloids and essential oils contained in the motherwort, with regular admission of such baths a sick person cannot be cured completely if from an illness, but then at least can significantly relieve their condition

Essential oils contained in the grass motherwort, also have the ability to remove vascular spasms of the heart and brain, so they are actively used in the treatment of diseases such as angina, hypertension (high blood pressure), atherosclerosis, cardio, cardio neurosis, myocarditis, valvular heart disease.

Essential oils contained in the motherwort, used in the manufacture of drugs such as camphor, thymol, menthol, ascaridole.

Motherwort A Miracle Herb

Motherwort A Miracle Herb

Saponins – complex organic compounds found in the chemical composition of grass motherwort – scrutinized by scientists, because there is a real prospect of getting out of motherwort valuable raw material for the synthesis of hormones.

Grass and leaves motherwort also have a high antioxidant capacity. Their use in the medical and prophylactic purposes increases the resistance of cell membranes, the internal environment maintains balance and body to some extent prevents the failure in the functioning of various systems and organs. Therefore, the use of motherwort essential oils can prevent diseases such as coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis and circulatory dysfunction can be very effective and useful.

Infusions, tinctures and 70% CIs alcoholic extracts of motherwort herb are often used in medicine as a drug with powerful sedative (calming) properties. Preparations made from this plant, deserved “reputation” is truly unconditional competitors such well-known among the people of the drug, as tincture of valerian. According to doctors, motherwort grass is several times stronger than the tincture of valerian root and is able to oppress some of the functions of the central nervous system. So often the use of tinctures and extracts of motherwort has a much more pronounced effect than taking valerian drops.

For this reason, tinctures, infusions and decoctions of herbs and leaves Leonurus cardiaca are often advised to take under such serious violations of nervous activity, as neurasthenia, psychasthenia, various forms of neurosis, vegetative dystonia. However, the calming effect on the nervous system, which has become famous in our modern medicine, was discovered not too long ago. This happened in the early twentieth century, as a result of repeated experiments on laboratory animals. In the past century, a tincture of this herb was used mostly as a remedy against heart disease and heart failure.

The rapid development of science in the beginning of this century, in particular, chemistry and biochemistry, has allowed to deeply investigate the chemical composition of a number of medicinal plants, including and motherwort herb. Advances in science not only opened up new, previously unexplored properties of motherwort, but also identified some of the chemical substances contained in the medicinal plants and now used as a stand-alone drug.

Once you have read the beneficial properties of motherwort, now proceed to the practical application of the knowledge gained.

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