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Myth Of Doctors

Myths From Doctors – And so that doctors tell us?

Doctors generally believe that a raw food diet is common sense, but it should be a part of the normal diet (nutritionists recommend that the proportion of raw vegetables in the diet was not more than 50-70%), otherwise the lack of nutrients can cause cystitis or other diseases. Also, doctors believe that the main advantage of the raw food diet – it is a great supply of fresh vitamins and minerals, fiber, cleanses the intestines. This, they explain by the disappearance of acne, allergies, bad breath.

However, doctors are very concerned about the issue of failures on the raw food diet, as with the transition to a raw food diet a person constantly feels hungry, that this diet has a bad effect on human nervous system. Doctors are also concerned about the process of purgation in connection with the restructuring of the microflora when rawfoodist really cannot leave for a while from the toilet. But this is simply accompanying raw food crisis. Also related to the raw food diet weakness – which is only a matter of time.

Minus the raw food diet doctors also recognized the imaginary lack of complete protein and trace elements, the ability to pick up a bunch of parasites and disease-causing bacteria when feeding raw meat, fish and eggs. Relative inferiority of vegetable protein can speak for very long, but more than one doctor did not answer the question: “Why do giraffes and elephants do not suffer from a lack of animal protein?” But if we talk about helminthes and pathogenic bacteria when feeding raw meat, fish, eggs, and then doctors are right 100%.




Nutritionists advise to restrict raw food in the summer and scare the emergence of problems after six months of such power. Optionally, according to the doctors, a healthy person must have only enough raw food which means only once or twice a week.

What to do in case of unhealthy people? All is very simple: in this case, doctors will conduct surveys and write out a great recipe with a very clever name drugs. And forward, to help the pharmaceutical industry to make millions on our pain!

This article discusses only the most common myths about the dangers of a raw food diet. We should mention that the article as a whole is prepared for a wide range of readers, especially those who only thinks of a way of life or novice raw food diet or lifestyle. Raw foodists experience with extra arguments in principle not necessary, but helpful comments are always welcome!

It is clear that this explanation of various myths do not disclose all the problems of the raw food diet, does not formulate a response regarding the current issue of “Raw food diet: benefit and harm,” but many people already have the ability to think about regarding the credibility of many statements about such food.

In any case, the determining factor debunks all the myths are the outlook of the person seeking information: what people believe what they want from life, what a person seeks in his soul. If his soul reigns to the Creator and reins Love, gratitude, appreciation, kindness – all the ways become open to man. In this case raw plant foods will help in improving the health and well-coordinated work of the whole body at the level of each cell. Such a person does not have a problem with other people.

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