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7 Myths About Cellulite

7 Myths About Cellulite, In Which It Is Time To Stop Believing – Orange peel syndrome. Cottage cheese thighs. Does cellulite has many unflattering nicknames, and itself is not a matter of pride. This phenomenon is tried to be hidden in every possible way, from clothing to Photoshop. Perhaps it is because we do not want to face the truth – cellulite – which is cluttered with all sorts of myths and prejudices, which one has to understand once and for all.

7 Myths About Cellulite

7 Myths About Cellulite


Myth 1. Cellulite affects only fat people

Scientists say that cellulite can be found in 98% of women. “You can be as thin as a stick and still have cellulite. Even top models have it, “- said the expert in this field, Dr. Carceri. Although weight gain can enhance the appearance of “orange peel” Who are those lucky 2%, you may ask? Women with thicker skin – mostly native Africans.


Myth 2. Cellulite – is fat deposits

In fact, cellulite – is inharmonious coexistence of fibber and fat. It also can be fibbers placed under the skin tissue, which do not always have the fat reserves. It is the combination of empty and full fat “compartments” of the fibbers that leads to the effect of bumpy skin.


Myth 3. Cellulite affects only women

Almost to a point, but not quite. Men experience this problem much less, and only if they have a genetic anomaly. Why women are more likely to have cellulite? Researchers are looking for the root of the problem in hormones and the nervous system. In women, the muscles and skin are connected to the vertical fibbers. When they are tightly compressed – that compartments with fats begin to bulge. In men, these fibbers are intertwined in a cross, and this design does not allow the fat “pockets” bulge.


Myth 4. Losing weight, you get rid of cellulite

Of course, proper nutrition, sleep and fitness – a necessary condition for health and beauty, that’s just the weight loss, is unlikely to scare cellulite. “Often, when losing weight your cellulite will become less noticeable, because you get rid of excess fat – explains Dr. Carceri. – But it may drop skin. “


Myth 5. Dear completely removed cellulite cream

There is unanimous opinion of experts: How many zeros would not have been on the price list, any cream ca not get rid of cellulite once and for all. The maximum that it can do – make the skin smoother in appearance. They only create the illusion of covering skin reflective particles that make the shadows of the holes less noticeable.


Myth 6. The surgical procedure get rid of cellulite

The newest procedure in this industry represents an hour operation in order to remove the cellulite. Doctors use a laser that “breaks” the fat deposits in the upper layers of the skin. After this procedure, which costs about $ 10,000, you will need to take some time to recover. Although professionals consider it the most effective method available at the moment, even it does not guarantee you a perfectly smooth skin.


Myth 7. The physician can rid you of cellulite

Besides surgery, there are many other technologies that promise magical results: ultrasound therapy, radio frequency therapy, radiation or laser therapy, which should, in theory, “melt” body fat. Any of them require weekly treatments for at least six weeks. This can reduce the visibility of cellulite, but hardly erase all the dimples and bumps.So is there any hope to say goodbye to cellulite?

Scientists believe that the UV rays and smoking may enhance the appearance of cellulite because their harmful effect damage collagen, the skin thins and reduces its elasticity. Although these statements need more convincing laboratory confirmation, protect from sun and smoking cessation – cannot hurt. In addition it is recommended to abandon sugar and carbonated drinks.

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