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Natural Anabolics

Natural Anabolics – You are offered a list of foods that have natural anabolic properties. Add them to your basic diet and make your diet more effective. Anabolic agents – agents that target increased anabolic processes in the body, that is, substances that accelerate the formation and updating of the structural parts of cell, tissue and muscle structures.


Natural Anabolics

Natural Anabolics



Actively consume grapefruit, especially if you work the abdominal muscles. This citrus is a great help in burning fat. According to a recent study, people who during 12 weeks of daily ate half a grapefruit or drinking a glass of juice and it did not change at the same time your diet lost an average of 2 kilograms of weight, and some are lighter at 4.5 pounds. Surely, the reason for this effect lies in the fact that this fruit has the ability to lower glucose and insulin levels. Grapefruit contains soluble fiber pectin, which impedes blood flow in carbohydrates, and this leads to a decrease in insulin levels.

Another possible cause of surprising properties of grapefruit reduce weight is the content of a complex of naringenin. As flavones, it reduces the effect of the natural metabolism and detoxification of certain drugs. Furthermore, it is to slow the dissolution of caffeine in blood, this leads to a loss in weight due to prolongation of the thermo genic effect of caffeine, fat burning.

Pay attention! If you are taking prescription drugs following: soothing or immunosuppressive agents, antihistamine, calcium pills to lower cholesterol – before including grapefruit in your diet, you should consult with your doctor.

The recommended rate of 1 grapefruit (twice a day) will bring you naringenin 130 g, 20 g carbohydrates, 90 g of vitamin C, 2 g protein, more than 2 grams of fiber, of which polviny – is pectin, and all this in 90 kilocalories. Due to the existing probability of lowering the level of insulin in the blood, grapefruit is not recommended to take in food for at least two hours after training.


Broccoli contains a large amount of indole-3-carbinol (I-3 C), which is closely related to derivative diindolulmetanom (phytochemical natural origin), reducing the effects of estrogen due to its transformation into a weaker version. Due to this reduced the degree of involvement of estrogen in the processes of dehydration and accumulation of fat. In addition, the substance may enhance the anabolic effects of testosterone. According to a recent study, it eliminates the harmful effects of dihydrotestosterone, which ultimately increases the level of “good” testosterone, and the accumulation of fat and dehydration occurs.

The recommended rate: Eat every day one or more cups of boiled or fresh broccoli. This quantity of product is enough to ensure that the body received more than 100 mg I 3 C, 80 mg of vitamin C, 40 mg of calcium and 120 to 4000 mg of sulphorane (potential means to fight cancer).


Spinach is rich in glutamine – an amino acid, enhances immunity and growth of muscle tissue. As you know, spinach contains 90 percent water, so you should use it fresh and in large quantities. The only way you get the most out of glutamine. Furthermore, spinach and contains octacosanol. This component has numerous health benefits, such as protecting cardiovascular system. Of all the properties of octacosanol for bodybuilders most useful is that it makes the muscles stronger. Of course, eating one serving of salad with spinach, you get it in the required amount, but the salad is present in its natural form. Another thing, if you regularly use this product with a food additive with octacosanol you are guaranteed to become much stronger.


As part of tomatoes have two very valuable phytochemical components – flavonoid quercetin and katrenoid lycopene. The latter is a complex antioxidant, protecting the body from prostate cancer and heart disease. The most active lycopene gets in products that have been manufactured on the basis of tomatoes – tomato paste, sauces and ketchup.

Quercetin is also known for its antioxidant properties, as well as the ability to prevent clogging of the arteries. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory drug, in other words – contributes to the rapid recovery of the body after weight training, which resulted in damaged individual muscle groups and there was a pain.


In bright red watermelon flesh (especially in white rim) contains a decent amount of citrulline. The amino acid citrulline is converted in the body into arginine, which produces nitric oxide, your muscles helps to pump nutrients, oxygen, blood, hormone, making them stronger and more noticeable.


Sunflower seeds in abundance filled with glutamine and arginine, which promote muscle growth. They also contain beatin, which includes methyl. Methyl, in turn, is used to restore the joints and protects the liver against most harmful chemicals, including – steroids and alcohol. If you use glycocyamine (nutritional supplement creatine earlier), we recommend that you also eat sunflower seeds, rich beatinom which promotes better processing glycocyamine in creatine. In addition, the seeds – this is an excellent source of vitamin E and poly- and monounsaturated fatty acids.


Parsley lowers estrogen levels and speeds up the digestive process. To the beneficial properties of this plant can also be attributed neutralize odors. Moreover it contains apigenin – a powerful antioxidant. It is proved that it prevents oxidation of cell DNA of skin cells and maintaining healthy muscle.


Blueberries will be useful to everyone, without exception, bodybuilder. Scientists have found that this berry has the most powerful feature of the fight against free radicals and contains the largest number of anthocyanin. It is an antioxidant that protects the vascular structure, in particular – the capillary muscle oxygen saturation, blood and nutrients. The healthier and stronger structure of your blood vessels, the stronger and more will your muscles. In addition, anthocyanins contribute to better performance of your brain cells. Blueberries improve memory, restore the brain cells and prevent dementia.


One piece contains 74 mg of vitamin C, almost daily dose. This vitamin is an essential component of collagen, a substance necessary for the muscles and ligaments healthy and happy life.



It’s full of the enzyme bromelain, improves digestion of protein. After a workout, you eat your steak – it snack jar canned pineapple, and the process of overflow of another protein in your muscles will be faster. In addition, bromelain reduces muscle pain after exercise.


This spice is one of the strongest natural painkillers (in regard to muscle pain), according to the British “Journal of Medicinal Products”. Acts better than aspirin and health is clearly useful.


Irresponsible people clean cucumber peeled before eating. And he did not, and his neighbor on the table will select his cucumber peel – in fact it contains substances that make up the connective tissues of your body.

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