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Why You Do not Get What You Want?

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Why You Do not Get What You Want?

There are two main things in life why you can not get something you want, namely:
1. You can not do it due to external factors (External)
2. How do you not because of internal factors

Almost every successful person considers that the no.2 is the main factor they can not be successful, while those who fail will always be no. 1 is the cause they could not / get what they want.

The second reason could be true, but let’s take a little surgery both reasons if we can not do it because no. 2 or it’s all just “reason” so that we can justify ourselves and run to no. 1.


1. We can not do it because of “external factors”

Our brains are very smart, and sometimes even our brain can “outsmart” the mind of our own.
– Have you ever seen a fat person who wants to have a thin body / ideal, then they read a lot of books on diets, install the application on a diet, follow a forum on health and so on except eating and exercising regularly (diet).
– Have you ever seen people who say want to be an entrepreneur / businessman, entrepreneur and they read books, attend seminars success, taking quotes successful entrepreneurs, following / news updates about entrepreneur / successful businessman, and so on except start her own business.

Many of us get caught chasing the wrong things because of our own mind ..
– Wow successful people look busy -> Then we work hard to look busy (doing things wrong)
– The successful person was famous well -> We are trying to reach / gather followers / like twitter / instagram ,, etc .. (rather than being the person who really valuable)
– Successful people are rich -> We try hard to look rich (spending money we got)
– Successful people have a wonderful life -> we are trying to look happy with the roads out of the country, to buy luxury goods, eat at fancy restaurants, and others. (rather than to enjoy what we have and build assets)

If we had stuck to the pattern above, be careful because we can not always pretend and forget to actually do what we want.

When we caught up with two options: doing nothing and doing something painful, then our brains with finding clever ways or “reason” for not doing anything (doing nothing) and the reason is definitely confusing (Complicated). Why confuse? Because in the confused condition we feel better, confusion can give the illusion that we are innocent like:

– “I already work 10 years here, still not promoted, my boss was stupid and could not appreciate its employees”. Others do not respect you, stop fighting for those who do not appreciate your efforts.

– “Wow how can I succeed, I just graduated from high school, do not have any connections, looking for hard working, no one would venture capital”. How can people respect you, if you do not respect yourself.

– “I want the business anyway .. Ah but I do not know how, nothing is taught, how can I venture that there’s nothing taught …” If there is not someone who teaches you, it’s not their fault, but you are to be search for and it is your problem.

– “Oh it looks like I will not skinny, my destiny was already fat body like this” … No comment ..

Whatever the reason is that if external factors then most likely it is just an excuse.
The solution is to immediately begin ..
– Resign and find a new job a better place
– Build a product and selling it to one person.
– Start exercising and eating regularly.
Soon find out what it takes to do what you want.
“By heck easy, living it was not easy” ..
(Back again to the above statement: When we are stuck with two options: doing nothing and doing something painful)

External factors / reasons it will always be included when you served as manager or is keeping your body lean.

Because the most important thing is what we can control (control), what would you do with it. Use everything you have and your control, and for something that is beyond the capability / control / control you soon forget and move on.

Most of us (including me) always talk about, think about, tell about our problems and why but never actually do anything on the matter.
The reason will always be there and the funny thing is that reason sometimes we create ourselves.


2. We Do not Want to Do it because “Internal Factors”


We all tend to decide things based on emotion first and then make the reasons later. And the main factor we do not do something we want is the strongest emotions among all the emotions that there is “Fear / Fear”.

When we are afraid to do something, then our subconscious always prepare a plausible reason that we do not do it.
“It’s hard really, I have no experience”, “It is impossible to win against them already famous”, “No way could my situation like this” and so forth …

And when we argue with people like that they still will not change, even when all the facts contrary to their opinion. They do not use logic to answer, but they use logic to justify their opinions that have been responsible. We all do it (including me) ..

The reason there is so that we feel better, but sometimes can be deceiving.
The reason can deceive others, including myself, the reason can avoid mistakes, even the reason may be the pride (if I was born to a family is, the more successful I am definitely more …)
But it all does not eliminate the “problem”, and the reason is not going to help us.

The question is how do I know if I’m making excuses, or indeed that’s all beyond my ability ..?



It may sound strange that we could do anything we wanted / want, but if you are willing / sincere try, then you will find many options, directives, instructions, person / mentor who helps you on your way,

We have all been very blessed, we have the talent / talent and if it all was not enough, we all have “ace” very strong and we have discussed since the beginning of “Brain”.

Initiative brain we can break through all the obstacles and conditions / circumstances that are difficult to walks creative and unexpected ..

Try to ask someone a question .. They’ll try to answer even if did not want and do not know ..
They may not know the answer, but the question that will be attached to their brain as the holes should be patched ..

Try to ask yourself, why we can not do this and that? Reflex we will reply “may I an idiot”, any answer will increasingly make us depressed ..

It would be wise to ask yourself the question better, remember no matter how stupid brain, whatever question though very stupid and impossible to answer, your brain will try to answer (such as holes should be patched).

What if we ask:
– How did this by better ..? Or faster ..?
– How do I do this with half of the usual time ..?
– How to complete this work with half the effort than the previous one ..?

Or perhaps a bit exaggerated:
– How can I get what I want?

Above tricks may look stupid, and pointless. But asked to make our brains work to dig deeper into our minds and we unconsciously seek answers slowly.
And it’s better than keep asking why we can not and bla.bla.bla ,, stop questioning yourself with negative questions that lead us to reason.


Remember quotes of Albert Einstein: “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

Albert Einstein Quotes

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