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Some Action That Ends The Death Of Magician

Some Action That Ends The Death Of Magician :

1. Charles Rowan

The man better known as Karr The Magician. Karr is a Mysterious magician altogether escape artist from South Africa. Magician is popular between 1920 to 1930 with the action in the escape from death. The last death of magician action occurred in 1930 in Springfontein, South Africa. The time Karr perform action ‘ straight jacket ‘, her bound using the jacket, then from a distance of 180 metres in a car to drive his assistant with a speed of 72 kilometers per hour heading toward him. According to calculations the calculation of Karr, he could escape from the bonds of the jacket just within 10-15 seconds before being hit by a car, but Karr failed to escape in time.
And finally she got hit by a car and crushed her leg created. Initially the audience who watched it thought that the incident is a series of action magic. Karr was later taken to hospital, but was not able to survive and died. Before dying Karr stated Assistant Karr not guilty, miscalculations that made magic action failed.
2. Joseph W. Burrus
Joseph w. Burrus was a 32-year-old magician. The famous magician under the stage name the Amazing Joe it idolizes the magician Harry Houdini. On Halloween night 1992 which coincided with the anniversary of Houdini’s death, Joe perform magic ever failed at Burrie, Alive or buried alive.
This trick is done with the body tied to a chain and then put the coffin locked from the outside and then put in a rut as deep as two meters and poured the mixture of cement weighing 7 tons on it. Previously, the assistants and the people around him have been reminded that the action to be performed is very dangerous, but he remained obstinately to do so. Sure enough, a few moments after the cement is poured, the demise of the crate is not able to withstand the weight of cement and crushed, burying Joe alive without having had a chance to get out of the dead in a coffin.
3. Madame Delinsky
The trick of catching a bullet shot is one of the world’s most dangerous trick. In history, more than 15 people have breathed his breath because the magician tricks. The workings of these dangerous tricks is a magician must capture a set of bullets at him, of course these things before about his body. One of the victims of magic tricks is Madame Delinsky, a magician of origin Poland. When the fateful incident, he was acting for a nobleman in Arnstadt, Germany.
In the action of Madame Delinsky was shot by six assistants and should be able to catch the sixth bullet. But one of his assistant mistakenly enter an empty bullet cartridge is not actively used. Consequently, Madame Delinsky was fatally injured because of a bullet penetrated hot in her stomach. The magician had brought to the hospital, but died two days later, lost a lot of blood.
4. Janaka Basnayake
Have wanted to break the world record Guinness as magician David Blaine who was buried alive for six days, a magician origin Sri Lanka, Janaka Basnayake tried to do dangerous tricks. In contrast with Blaine who did the action accompanied by their assistants and professional equipment, Basnayake do it just with his family.
Basnayake at the tomb at a depth of 3 metres which is then covered with soil and wood. 7.5 hours later they were digging graves and a Basnayake was looking to breathe again, allegedly because the air duct made of ground was covered, so the Basnayake died ran out of oxygen.
5. William Robinson
William Robinson was a famous magician in the early 19th century. American magician has a stage name Chung Ling Soo. Chinese name because at each attraction is he plays the role of a magician origin bamboo curtain country.
The action of the magician is stalled because he does the same action as magician Madame Delinsky, namely bullet catch stunt set to him. Robinson is a professional success often has actually been doing the action. But in his actions on the night of March 1918 entitled Ondemned to Death by the Boxers, the action of this magician was stopped. He failed to perform tricks that have often he did, the bullet penetrated his chest that made him die in his stage.
6. Dr. Vivian Hensley
Men aged 43 this year other than as a dentist in Brisbane, Australia is also an amateur magician. Dr. Vivian Hensley okay doing action place sharps into his mouth. In fact the action of magic he did just to entertain her son alone. But alas, at a time when showed his ability, a knife that she put her mouth penetrated his throat. After four days of treatment running his life could not be saved again.
7. Jeff Rayburn Hooper
Jeff Rayburn Hooper who was a magician perform escape in July 1984. Magician 23 this year do action with break away from the shackles of bonds while he was under the base of the Lake. Actually, Hooper could have passed him from the bonds, but the unfriendly weather at that time made it incapable to swim to the shores of the Lake. Assistant who accompanied him couldn’t help because the weather at the moment it’s very extreme, very blustery wind blows. Because it does not have help finally Hooper exhaustion and drowning.
8. Harry Houdini
Harry Houdini famous for its numerous tricks the genius that he created. However, it turns out that Houdini died of disease appendicitis because physical tricks to show off their fans.
Before starting a show, reportedly two students asked to perform a trick Houdini physical force, i.e. a blow-by-blow absorbing was on the upper part of the body without getting hurt.
Because obey requests it, the disease that had her appendicitis Houdini was further inflamed and grew worse. On October 31, 1926, Houdini was then 52 years old, died of intestinal operation Appendix operation failed. Houdini was buried was laid up at the box where he usually displays his famous illusion tricks: “buried alive”.

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