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The Idea of The Crazy Architecture

An architect is always required to be able to make a design that is simply amazing. Not only good in the eyes, but also unique and has great ability. Some architects create a design that could be considered unique and seems unlikely to be realized. However, this design is really a masterpiece!

Well, here’s seven unique architect of ideas that can make you wonder. After reading seven points below you will feel how the world architects have endless possibilities. Really great.

1. Making Machine Controller Solar System

Name super terrific and ambitious design is Shkadov Thruster. A draft megastructure envisioned by architects and scientists. If this huge building could be made, most likely we can control the motion of the Earth and the solar system. Yes, much like remote control that can speed up or slow down the object by simply pressing the buttons! Shkadov Thruster will be shaped like a giant concave dish. Sunlight on the surface will be reflected back. With so energies into the earth can be used as an engine of the solar system. Anyway, do you think this prestigious project will be successful or not?


2. Make The Giant Computer for Human Happiness Giver

The idea of the unique architecture of this time in collaboration with computer scientists. They want to create a super large building whose contents are super-powerful computers. They call the Matrioshka brain. This computer will save a lot of energy from the sun which will be used by humans for fun. The project aims to create a virtual world for humans. Each person will be given a virtual world of this great super smart computer. You will go into a virtual world that it’s just something very pleasant. Scientist and architect of this state if the virtual world of fun can be enjoyed by humans for up to 10 trillion years later.


3. Building Thieves Universe’s Energy

Mankind continues to grow unstoppable again. Currently there are about 7.3 billion people around the world. This number will continue to rise until 2050 is estimated at 2 billion of the earth will have a new man. Crazy! That is why some scientists and architecture to design a tool that is able to steal the energy of the universe. In the future the energy from the sun alone will not be enough! Especially if the energy of petroleum and its derivatives have become extinct. There’s no way that can be taken in addition to using solar energy as much as possible. If less we can take the energy emitted by the Earth and the planets around nearby stars. Sun-shaped building like this would save all the energy is converted according to the needs of man!


4. Tower eaters Noise

How did you feel when they hear the sound of a very noisy when working? If you do not feel annoyed ya job so chaotic. The sound is very noisy always have an impact not good for each listener. Even in big cities are super noisy, the population could experience stress just by hearing the sound of vehicle engines or human hubbub. For that group of architects from France made a new breakthrough. They would build a tower that is capable of consuming all the noise. Tower absorb and convert sound energy into electrical energy that can be used for the city. This gives architects a claim if the energy produced reaches 10% of the total energy that is usually spent on the world’s major cities such as Los Angeles.


5. Urban Floating in Space

Star Wars fan would know about the Cloud City or cities that float in the air. In some other fictional town is also depicted floating in the air with the ability capable of exploring space. But it only exists only in fiction. But do you know if the city in the sky that is inspired by the design of architect named Buckminster Fuller. This man designing a city floating in the air. Fuller designing will make the cities along the 1 km. He did the design taking into account the state of the atmosphere and air pressure. Many people consider Fuller genius, but also not a few who take it very crazy. The designs are made really can not be realized. Even so, thanks to Fuller, the world of science fiction could use this idea for something amazing!


6. Building Invisible

Just imagine if you are currently looking at a tower height of hundreds of meters. Then in the blink of an eye the tower disappear perfectly! Wait, you do not currently see a magic show, but was seen performing works of great architect of Korea. They work together to make a tower that is able to disappear in the blink of an eye and looks very perfect. The actual building is not completely lost. Only doing camouflage. The entire surface of the tower using the LCD screen. Some cameras with a large range mounted in the corners of the building. These cameras take pictures and then projected to the LCD. The impact we saw an illusory image to the tower as apparent missing. When in fact the tower is still standing and not go anywhere.


7. Tower eaters Pollution Can Grow!

One contributor to global warming is high carbon dioxide levels in the earth. With this background, the two architects of Canada makes a very great building design. The building is able to absorb pollutants in the air very much. So the air quality in a city will come back better and cleaner. Another thing that makes this tower became very great is its ability to grow. Levels of carbon absorbed and all the dirt will be processed into new buildings automatically. Great right? This idea was presented by them in 2014 ago. However, there is no realization until now. Well, hopefully it can be done!


Great idea in the beginning was always crazy, as impossible. But if you dig deeper into the idea would be a good thing in the future! So if you have a unique idea and crazy do not be afraid to express it! Who knew you could change the world with the originally spelled weird!

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