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Trouble Being a Pilot in World War 2

Trouble Being a Pilot in World War 2 :

1. Not equipped with missile

This item is obligatory to modern fighter aircraft. And missiles is definitely integrated with advanced computer. Once the enemy fighters are locked, will continue to pursue until the missile hit the target. Because of World War 2 fighter planes not equipped with missiles, the only weapon for shooting enemy planes only machine guns. Yes shot accuracy depends on the pilots, should be good at directing the aircraft to fit the target was shot, the more often misses the more frequently wasted bullets.



2. Not equipped with ejection seat

These items are also required in modern combat aircraft. Already know the news Russian aircraft shot down together Turkey? The pilot and co-pilot managed to get out of the plane, although the pilot was shot dead militants. Chair thrower is no fighter in World War 2 (actually already exist, but are limited in the plane pilot). Continues how to save themselves if the plane pilot shot or will fall? The only way is to manually open the cockpit door continues to jump out to open the parachute, but it was not easy as imagined.



3. Not equipped with radar

World War 2, the radar is just there on the ground for the defense of the air strikes, while the fighter was not yet there. This radar can be considered as the “eyes” of the fighter. Latest technology radars can see the target of hundreds of kilos away. So the pilot did not know there was any kind of object that is in front of and around it. Radar can also view weather conditions. During World War 2, when the dogfight (combat fighter aircraft in the air), pilots rely on her to know the position of the fighter. And usually in a team combat aircraft, pilots will provide mutual enemy fighter aircraft position information.



4. The defense system less qualified

Already know flashes of yellow light in the photo? It’s called flares, function to deflect enemy missiles coming attack. In modern aircraft, the defense system is very complete. In addition to flares, no jammer and early warning systems for example. This jammer to scramble communications enemy missiles. Early warning systems provide information to the pilot when the plane he was driving has been locked by enemy aircraft, so the pilot can get ready to exit the aircraft. If in fighter aircraft of World War 2 O protector just the airframe itself.



5. The absence of advanced sensor

This advanced sensor for example an infrared sensor and night vision. Even if aircraft in conditions of total darkness, the pilot can still see the target and surrounding conditions with the help of infrared. World War fighter aircraft is not equipped with sophisticated sensors such as modern fighter aircraft.



6. Lack of weapons carried

World War era fighter plane was carrying a weapon is limited mainly bombs and torpedoes, because it is basically not specifically designed for the bombers. The amount taken was not until 5 seeds (different from the time that the bomber was able to carry a bomb or torpedo tons). Yes its main weapon machine gun. Compare with the Sukhoi Su-35, which has 12 missile hook.



7. The limited supplies of pilot

Pilots during World War 2 it was only equipped with a parachute, helmet and oxygen mask, as well as supplemented by the gun. Helm time it is only to protect the eyes and the head of the pilot. Try to compare with modern fighter aircraft pilot helmet equipped small screen to display important information in front of the visor (Head up Display) and even to direct the muzzle of a machine gun.

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