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Wealth, What is it? Should it?

Wealth, What is it Should it

What is on your mind will manifest in your life. If you continue to believe, as you always believe, you will always act as the actions you usually do. If you always act like you normally do, then it will become a habit and you will always get the same results. If you want to get different results in your life or your job, you need to do is: change your mind.
– Anonymous –

People say that they desire abundant life – and they want to. But most of them interpret that if they train their muscles, train their breathing properly, eating certain foods in certain ways, fasting and abstinence, drinking so much water at a certain temperature every day, avoid the wind, they will achieve abundant life they are looking , But why the results from the methods had seemed mediocre. This is because the wrong mindset. The actions above are the means to build our bodies, but at the level of the unconscious state of mind and we know that it does not make us rich.

However, with a healthy body, the abundance we enjoy is not it? When humans made aware of the truth and strengthen the union with all life, he finds themselves have clear eye, move flexible, confident and youthful spirit.


Wealth, What is it?

I will try to give a description of true wealth.
Wealth, what is it? Whether it is an unattainable goal that is always elusive, that only the lucky ones who know the secret? Not anymore! You are already rich, as you will soon see.
First of all, what does wealth mean to you? Money? Material things? Power? What can give you the wealth of the things that you do not have now? What is your current beliefs about wealth?
Definition of wealth according to the dictionary means:
1. Having many possessions (money, etc.), abundance of valuable material possessions or resources.
2. Prosperity.
3. All the goods and resources that have value in terms of exchange or use.
4. Large quantities; a profession: a wealth of advice.

1. Subject (that is, characterized by a) rich.
2. Treasure (objects) that belong to someone
3. Characterized by abundance.
4. affluent: the rich affection.

That is why we can obtain a sense of wealth which is basically abundance, and abundance is the opposite of a shortage.
Popular misconceptions about being rich is rich financially and it’s just part of the truly rich.
You may be rich, but if you do not have the health to enjoy being a rich man, then you only prosper financially, not really rich in all areas of your life, and the medicine is to be rich in all areas of your life.

You must accept abundance in all areas of your life. You actually need to prosper financially to enjoy life to its fullest: to have, be and do the things that you want; but that is only one part of the whole equation. Financial prosperity will come naturally and easily. (The hardest part is out of your own way of life.)


Wealth = Freedom

Wealth is about abundance and freedom. Freedom to do what you want, whenever you want. Where “time” is the time you and your abundance is to have everything you want without any restrictions.
Wealth is a life without limits. financially rich, time-rich, rich in material, health is rich, rich in love, rich and self-actualization.
I would like to take a few minutes to explain the meaning of time, because it is our most valuable asset and it has everything to do with being really rich.


Time, One of Our Most Valuable Asset

Because time is one of the most valuable assets I’ll discuss some of the main concepts in a very short time. I wish you could practice practical techniques to become really rich starting today.
Time is essentially a measuring instrument in the present experience, and we develop a time to catalog the events of the experience. Basically it’s like a table of contents and page numbers in the book of your life. Say, Chapter 11, page 11, is essentially at 11:11. There are 60 pages per chapter, and there are 24 chapters in each book that is equal to one day in your life, and every day you write a new book.
Now with this information you can write whatever you want in your book every day, but you have to work from the previous books to make it all flow into a good story and it makes sense from one point to the next, but keep in mind the book yesterday at absolutely nothing to do with the goals you want to tell today. If your life until now has not exactly as you would expect, now is your chance to change it, change the main character in your book, the hero; saint, a rich tycoon, you name it. This is a book you become an active start writing your story.


Write the story of your life as you want!

Write your story about the miraculous recovery from poverty into wealth: you can be, do and have whatever you want; You are writing your book, your life. You can write whatever you want, whatever! What book would you write to your life? Whether it is filled with wonders? A romance novel? A book about the amazing achievement?
Please write your story any way you want. After we finished writing our life story, it will fly to pen ink bottle in the sky, where all the good little pen away after writing countless stories. Of course we all know where the small pen that bad off. They went to a big fireplace to be melted and used as a paperweight.


“There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way” -. Christopher Morley

Does wealth necessary?

Some think money and wealth is not necessary, but it is not to be avoided. Capital and money is very important to start a business or make a business empire, but as long as used for the pursuit of wealth alone, it is unwise and unnecessary. Nothing is more destructive of spiritual life than the pursuit of wealth alone. Love treasure equally important as poverty. They come from the same fundamental error.

The mistake is that resource, because such material, must be derived from the source material as well. This limits the mind and reality, and therefore must be at the opponent. The reality is of course that the source of the resource is spiritual, therefore, not limited to, the consequence is a person who realizes this truth do not have any thoughts about poverty or deficiency and not worry about it. In other words, he has no desire to pursue or worships wealth, due to what the resource wealth if someone is always guaranteed?

All who understand the reality of these resources, will not be concerned with wealth or hold it too tightly. They do not desire to be rich financially. For what they have cravings like that? People are crazy money for fear of poverty, and expects the wealth because they think to have it will allay their fears. If they knew the truth, that everything he needs to be always available, they are no longer needed wealth. Everything will arrive in time to meet their needs as sure as the sun rises every day, but this requires a strong and active faith.

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