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Why Humans Can Not Live Without Phones

Why Humans Can Not Live Without Phones – Nowadays it, who does not have mobile phones? Mobile has become a mandatory item for everyone. Everywhere are always mobile, waking the phone was first sought, even seconds away from the bath was still busy with the name of the mobile phone. Mobile is very necessary for us to communicate and connect with many people in the region apart. And the use of mobile phones of today are like opium. Can you imagine that if we return to live in the era before the advent of mobile phones?

1. People need communication

Humans require communication to socialize and connect with people. With no cell phone, you can call your family, relatives, and friends anywhere and anytime without limit of time and distance. Distance how far you are with people you contact, the phone becomes the main helper to connect you with them. Especially nowadays has no such thing as Skype and other social media. With mobile you also do not have to bother to visit a place to simply speak or ask questions. Live call or a chat you can get all the information you want.


2. Feeling does not exist

World with this modern technology has certainly tasted definitely outdated really if you do not have a mobile phone that can make you exist socially mediated. Through social media as well, all sorts of evolving trends and issues. With your mobile phone can bring social media accounts wherever and whenever you go, you can always existed virtual world. Complicated it if it should open the laptop just for status updates.


3. Feel that something is lost if the phone is not in the hands of

Feel that something is lost if the phone is not in the hands of

Mobile certainly has become an important part of our lives, sometimes more people who love their mobile phones than people side. She found it difficult if you have to remove the phone even in an hour. So if a day without a mobile phone these life seemed incomplete. Which is normally our fingers busy typing on the keypad or screen mobile phone, without which the world became gray, gloomy really.


4. Dispel the boredom

Holidays do not go everywhere, dwells at home feels definitely too late. But with mobile phones at home all day would be alright is not it? Mobile is one way to overcome boredom when you are alone or do not have any activities carried out for. Sometimes when we’re tired of waiting, the phone always be a hero instead? We can chat late, play games, go to social media, to listen to music that can kill time.


5. Fear of Loneliness

Mobile has always managed to dispel loneliness, especially for the single-ers. Mobile hands, upset disappeared. You can contact friends or family, so do not feel alone anymore.



Where are you including the section can not have a cell phone?

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