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Why would we be pessimistic? Tips to be Optimistic

Why would we be pessimistic Tips to be Optimistic

Why would we be pessimistic? Tips to be Optimistic – Always see things in the dark side? We’re not too late to change it. You want to know why you can not self-confidence? And how to be more optimistic? Here I summarize answers to your questions from several sources.


The study found that people who suffer from pessimistic / no confidence have some sort of brain asymmetry in magnitude, which means a lot of activity that works in the brain to the right than to the left, for no apparent reason. Where an activity that works in the right brain is very much connect with negative thoughts and pesimistic.

Other research is, by studying two twins, a different personality. The first twin was named Trudi with an optimistic personality and spirit while the second twin named Debbie who has a personality easily depressed and pessimistic.

Trudi twinning and Debbie, and in the middle is Dr. Spector, researchers from RS. Thomas in london

Dr. Spector discovered in our lives, about half of the factors that determine personality differentness is determined by the activity of genes (hereditary). But Spector showed in the process of our lives in response to environmental factors, genes we constantly invoked up and down by the brain, is called epigenetic processes.

Dr. Spector also found in the brain Debbie 5 gene changes occur in the brain’s hippocampus in which triggers depression and pessimistic than Debbie.


Tips To Be Optimistic

Analyzing brain activity, researchers found that during a break in the right hemisphere 3 times more active than the left side of the brain. A pessimistic patients were asked to perform two exercises regularly every day, the first practice is meditation, patients were asked to remain silent and concentrate to breathing and balance. and in exercise 2, patients were asked to choose a happy expression among 15 different expressions into the computer, after 7 weeks, the patient admitted that he could be more optimistic and happier life.


Being Optimistic in 7 Stages

  1. Respiratory, before negative thoughts to disturb us, take a deep breath, feel the air that enters our nose, to the throat and lungs.
  2. Listen to your heartbeat, listen to your heartbeat, and imagine the blood that is pumped throughout the body. This is the early stage of meditation.
  3. Organize your thoughts, Focus your attention into your negative thoughts, think rationally rather than emotionally react use.
  4. Do not judge your mind, there is no “good” and “bad”, because all you had in mind was similar. if you treat them (negative thoughts) with curiosity and forgive, it will be easier to cope with negative thoughts.
  5. Do not try to stop the mind, most people were asked to empty their minds during meditation, but in fact the mind is in fact not our enemy, if you are increasingly revolted by our thoughts, then they will be stronger.
  6. Bring your mind back to the line, if the negative thoughts invade, admit it and start observation back in your mind.
  7. Meditate, do not be too long for meditation, just a few minutes, as long as it is done routinely every day.


“A pessimist sees the sadness in every opportunity, while an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”
-Winston Churchill

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